Crises Control and COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic raises a number of very significant issues for business continuity and even business survival. Unlike a standard business continuity events, where restoring technology is the greatest issue, during a pandemic, technology can provide the solution.

Crises Control can help your company in a number of ways to get through the COVID-19 pandemic disruption.


Real-time, Auditable Visibility of Wellbeing

Crises Control provides you with a robust communications platform allowing you to reach out to reach out toemployees and other stakeholders with critical messages, wherever they are located, in the office, athome or whilst travelling.

Our communications platform can be and is being used to monitor employee health and wellbeing using our survey facility. This allows you to remotely ask questions of your employees with preconfigured response options.

"A number of our customers are using Crises Control to remotely monitor the health and wellbeing of their employees during remote working. They have told us that Crises Control is a vital tool for them to keep track of and support their teams during lockdown."

"They are combining the Crises Control platform with other available tools, such as Microsoft Teamsor Zoom to keep their operations going and their employees safe at the same time."

Shalen Sehgal, Managing Director, Crises Control

Managing Operational Efficiency

As the world moves into a post-pandemic stage, many organisations will permanently adopt new operating methods discovered under lockdown. Crises Control is industry agnostic, and applicable and adoptable anywhere. The platform is also configurable to specific client requirements should the need arise.

Data on employee health and wellbeing is stored in an uneditable format. Secondary data sets such as supply chain survey responses or customer demand analysis responses can be utilised to form a viable rationale for the redeployment of an organisation’s resources. The Crises Control platform can also be used to keep your customers informed of issues with the supply of products or service to them.

"Some companies are planning for no more than 15% of employees to return to the office to work over the next six months."

"Working from a laptop at home is within the zone of acceptable workspace, working on classified material from a laptop at a coffee shop is not."

Director of Sales, IT Manager Service Provider, UK


Crises Control Pandemic Toolkits

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Crises Control has created a series of pandemic response toolkits to allow its customers across the globe to prepare their own businesses to mitigate and respond to the disruptions incurred in this and any further pandemic scenarios.

These toolkits take the shape of a series of incident scenarios associated with a pandemic, includingemployee infection and quarantine, building closure, service interruption, working remotely and supply chain disruption.

Each quick-start incident toolkit includes a different scenario with:

  • Pre-prepared messages to employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Recommended protocols to be followed to respond to, and mitigate, any incident type.
  • A list of actions to return to business as usual as quickly as possible.

The objective of the toolkits is to facilitate pandemic planning that will:

  • Mitigate and contain the impact of the pandemic upon the company's business objectives.
  • Enable the business to continue to operate, perhaps in a reduced capacity, over a period of time.
  • Speed the return to business as usual as quickly as possible, potentially in a changed market environment.

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