About Crises Control

Crises Control is an award-winning Mass Notification System and Incident Management platform radically different from its competitors.

The problem that we solve

“when time is of the essence; you can control the narrative.”

When an incident occurs the speed at which your people engage, inform other stakeholders, and follow up with established process for that incident is a challenge. There is no easy, reliable, secure way of doing so which is global and simple to use.

People regularly fail to disseminate information, at that instant, because solving the problem becomes the priority for the first responders. The management are often last to know what is going on.

Customers use social media to complain and share their experience, it is not long after that when press and media companies are catching management out. Delays or miscommunication can cost millions of dollars. Reputational damage can impact share prices and regulators pour over the events that took place to detect compliancy breaches for weeks and months after the event.

What we offer

We offer an award-winning, robust and easy to use product which will provide;

  • Secure and private multi-channel mass communications platform. Our platform + App can be used by your people to execute important communications.
  • Incident Management platform for your Incident managers, supporting the responders, assessing safety, executing critical tasks for a faster recovery. At all times full visibility of events are displayed in real-time on the incident dashboard.
  • Panic Button for staff and travelers. Safety is paramount, the platform can track and trace people to ensure they are safe either during an incident or during travel to sensitive areas.

Crises Control is Cloud based and 99.99% available. It will allow your people to communicate 24*7*365 on demand, even if your network infrastructure is down.




Award-winning Mass Notification system

Our global enterprise customers have agreed that in order to function well under pressure, you must be prepared with a strong business continuity plan and a system that allows you to execute any mass notification plan in a fast and hassle-free way. Crises Control is enabling just that, with our business continuity wizard and mass notification platform, we help you stay in control when you need it most.

Easy to Use

Platform built from the user upwards, with an intuitive native mobile app. Quick deployment, with a self-implementation option. You can also use our library of incident templates to help organisations without a BC plan.

Multichannel Notifications

Get notified instantly worldwide on any device via Email, Text, Phone and more. Trace your team with GPS location finder and monitor the event as it unfolds, to completion.

Workflow Automation

Automate your response team course of action according to the business continuity plan, quickly resolve any issue to cut expenses and get back on track as soon as possible.

Start using Crises Control today

An efficient, user friendly, mass notification system made to support you when you need it the most