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Academy - Dissemination of knowledge

The Academy is not just a physical entity, e-learning environment but a concept for credible, organised learning experience. At the core of the Academy is the focus on the objectives and the priorities of the organisation by linking the learning activities directly to the Business Continuity strategy of the organisation.

One of the challenges organisations face is how to disseminate knowledge cost effectively throughout the organisation and how to keep the knowledge up-to-date. Whilst face-to-face cascade training is effective for management and stakeholders it can be costly and slow to roll-out to all the people that work for an organisation.

The standard mode of delivery for Academy is E-learning: 24/7 on-demand, self-paced training through e-learning courses + assessments. People can train at any time, at their own pace, and from any place that they can access the Internet. They don't have to travel, and can take short tutorials + assessment at their convenience, without having the hassle normally associated with diarised training sessions. Moreover these courses can be repeated to reinforce knowledge retained. The Academy retains training records called the "Passport" for each person in your organisation.

We also offer modularised training programmes that can be tailored for individuals within specific functions or at different levels of seniority, including Instructor lead workshop training and Instructor-delivered live training from an online virtual classroom with remote access to a common training system.

"The Academy provides your people with the skills, understanding and practical experience needed to correctly relay critical communications and manage Incidents, allowing you to realise the full value from your investment".



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