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The aircraft cargo sector is a vital cog in the wheel of the global air industry. Air freight accounts for less than 1% of world trade tonnage, but 35% of world trade value is carried by air. The air cargo industry is critical for markets that demand speed and reliable transport of high value goods, including IT and electrical equipment and machinery.

Boosted by lower fuel prices and the ever increasing global online retail market, the air freight sector is predicted to double over the next 20 years. At the same time, according to the Boeing - World Air Cargo Forecast 2016/17, the number of freight aircraft is expected to double by 70% to more than 3,000.

Air cargo will remain a preferred solution for the rapid, reliable and controlled transportation of time sensitive and economically perishable goods. At the same time, the airline industry is subject to a wide range of predictable events that have the potential to disrupt its smooth operations, including severe weather, industrial action and the security threat.

When disruption events take place, operators, including air freight companies, ground handling agents and airport authorities, need to be able to respond quickly to alert and activate their response teams and provide them with instructions on how to resolve the problem. They also need to keep their supply chain and customers informed.

The air freight industry has to comply with many different regulations that govern their activities and has a major challenge to maintain high quality standards throughout their operations. In this regard Crises Control is delighted to be a partner of the Saudia Cargo Handling Programme, an industry leading quality assurance programme for the air freight sector.

Crises Control can equip air freight operators with the integrated communications platform needed to reach out to their response teams, supply chains and customers, handle any business disruption event and return to normal operations as quickly as possible. It can also help to support quality assurance programmes, such as the CHP, through the delivery and tracking of operating instructions and automated performance reporting.

Crises Control Facilitates:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disruption Event Exercises
  • Response Team Performance
  • Response Team GPS Location
  • Crisis Incident Management
  • Task Manager Module
  • Supply Chain Communications
  • Incident Audit Trail Generation

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Crises Control

We are very pleased to have the Crises Control Service, a quicker notification time allows maximum time for proper preparations, which minimizes life safety concerns and mitigates impact to our bottom line.
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson