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Reliable Communications in the Air Cargo Industry

A vital cog in the global air industry

The Air Cargo sector is a vital cog in the wheel of the global cargo industry. Air freight accounts for less than 1% of world trade tonnage, but 35% of world trade value is carried by air. The air cargo industry is critical for markets that demand fast and reliable transport of high value goods, dangerous goods, live animals, weapons and ammunition, and even other planes to name a few.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts a significant growth in global GDP and goods trade over the next 20 years and as a result the air freight market is predicted to double. At the same time, according to the Boeing - World Air Cargo Forecast 2016/17, the number of freight aircraft is expected to grow by 70% to more than 3,000 worldwide.

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A sector subject to a wide range of disruption events

Air cargo will remain a preferred solution for the rapid, reliable and controlled transportation of time sensitive and economically perishable goods. At the same time, the airline industry is subject to a wide range of predictable events that have the potential to disrupt its smooth operations, including severe weather, industrial action and security threats.

When incidents take place, operators, including air freight companies, ground handling agents and airport authorities, need to be able to respond quickly to alert and activate their response teams and provide them with instructions on how to resolve the problem. They also need to keep their supply chain, customers and teams in the airport informed. Crises Control enables organisations to centrally manage, and coordinate their responses to incidents and also keep relevant personnel informed throughout the lifecycle of the event.

The benefits of Crises Control

  • Facilitates business continuity planning exercises
  • Monitors response team availability and performance
  • Tracks response team location via GPS
  • Provides a guaranteed and secure mobile communication network
  • Secures supply chain, customers, internal communications
  • Centrally track tasks distributed to response teams
  • Automatically generates incident audit trail for post-event evaluations
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Use Case – Quality assurance programme

The air freight industry has to comply with many different regulations that govern their activities and has a major challenge to maintain high quality standards throughout their operations. With this in mind, Saudia Cargo has selected Crises Control to be their partner for the Saudia Cargo Handling Programme, an industry leading quality assurance programme for the air freight sector. Saudia Cargo's global network spans 225 international and 26 domestic destinations, with a dedicated freighter fleet and capacity on passenger flights across Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA.

Crises Control can support quality assurance programmes, such as the CHP, through the delivery and tracking of documented operating instructions and automated performance reporting by department, team and even individual. Its Task Manager function can be used to create, assign and delegate tasks, and track their completion within deadlines.

Use Case – Ground handling disruptions

Worldwide Flight Services is one of the world's leading ground handling organisations, providing high quality cargo, passenger, premium, ramp, baggage and technical services across a network spanning over 188 locations in more than 22 countries on five continents.

WFS chose the Crises Control incident management tool to help them be prepared to respond to the typical business disruption events that affect the air freight sector. These could include security incidents, leakage of dangerous goods, loss of power, loss of internet and severe weather. In a fast moving sector like air freight, it is vital that any disruption events are immediately addressed and smooth operations are resumed as quickly as possible.


Solution Features


Simple and Secure

The right balance between security and ease of use is essential when handling a crisis, where speed of communication may have to take precedence over the most stringent access controls.


Trace and Track

During a crisis event, organisations need to do more than just send out an alert. Locate your Business Continuity Management team on location map and track their progress and responses.


Reports and Audit Data

Crises Control provides auditable log-tracking, sent to a central server for post-crisis review and compliance reporting. Powerful audit reports continuously refine your processes to deliver the best results.


iSOP Wizard

Our new Incident SOP Wizard is a unique service of great value to small and large businesses alike that do not have the resources to create their own incident standard operating procedures themselves, or the budget to commission a consultant to create one.


Task Manager

Our new Task Manager module provides a valuable addition to your existing incident management functions that comes into its own once you have launched an incident, allowing you to create, delegate and track multiple incident tasks lists.


Incidents Library

Crises Control’s web portal provides an easy crisis incident management, updates, deployment with actions or new incidents processes creation. Simply get access and manage your incidents library to meet your exact needs.

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