selected as Crises Control core supplier selected as Crises Control core supplier

At Crises Control, we promise to provide our customers with high availability services that will be there for them in their highest hours of need. In order to achieve this, we ensure that we only use the best suppliers that we can work with in partnership to provide high quality services.

One such supplier is, who we have chosen as one of our communications providers, specifically for SMS messaging. We recently spoke to about what we value in our relationship with them.

High quality, global SMS messaging

The primary purpose of the Crises Control mass communications platform is to enable organisations to alert stakeholders to emergency situations. Our customers send large volumes of messages that need to reach their destinations quickly and securely. Our main function is to help organisations get the message out, and to keep the information flowing consistently throughout an entire incident. This requires an SMS provider who can handle a high volume of messaging flowing through the platform over an extended period of time.

Crises Control’s customers operate in countries all around the world. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a seismic shift in how companies work, and some of our customers have teams spread around several different countries. They need an SMS supplier who can handle their requirements across all those different countries. As a result, we need to ensure that our SMS provider understands the infrastructure in the countries our customers operate in. were selected as a communications supplier for Crises Control because they could prove that they are able to meet these needs, and many more.

Data protection controls

Data privacy and protection is increasingly important for organisations of all sizes. Many of Crises Control’s customers are based in countries within the EU, and are subject to the requirements of the GDPR, which include restrictions on transferring citizens’ data outside of the EU. Once again,, who are based in the Netherlands, fit our requirements.

Achieving excellent customer service together

Our goal at Crises Control is to provide excellent services for our customers. Our stated vision is to democratise emergency communications and give everyone the capability to mass communicate. In order to achieve this goal, we require all our suppliers to share this vision.

Every customer is different, and we take a bespoke approach to providing a Crises Control platform and service that meets their particular requirements. We look for suppliers who can support this goal and vision. As a core supplier, have demonstrated that they have the processes and lines of communication in place to provide this level of service.

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Shalen Sehgal

MD, Crises Control