Crises Control launches integration with ThreatSpike in response to ransomware attacks

Crises Control launches integration with ThreatSpike in response to ransomware attacks

Leading business disruption incident management platform, Crises Control, has joined forces with cutting edge behavioural monitoring tool, ThreatSpike, to provide an end-to-end cyber attack alerting system, in response to the recent wave of ransomware attacks.

These two SaaS products are a natural fit for each other. They both address the urgent need for solutions that help businesses them to mitigate the threat of cyber attack on corporate IT networks. ThreatSpike will uncover, protect from and prevent such attacks. Crises Control will alert the security or IT team immediately to cyber threats as soon as they occur, thanks to its integrated trigger alert capability.

ThreatSpike is a cutting edge behavioural monitoring tool that identifies unusual or suspicious behaviour inside a corporate IT network. It has a number of functions which directly address the ransomware threat. Firstly, it will immediately alert system administrators to the appearance of malware on a network.

Secondly, ThreatSpike will automatically sandbox the infected machine or machines to prevent further contamination. And, thirdly, the solution will provide system administrator access to any files encrypted by the ransomware, so that they can be recovered without the payment of a ransom demand to hackers.

Crises Control is an award winning business disruption incident management solution that provides multi-modal crisis communications with incident response teams. It features an automated trigger alert system that can integrate with cyber security products such as ThreatSpike to launch an incident with seconds of a cyber breach being discovered or suspected.

Put together, Crises Control and ThreatSpike can provide an end-to-end cyber attack alerting system to help both private and public sector organisations mitigate the threat from ransomware attacks such as WannaCry.

Contact the Crises Control sales team to find out more about how we can help you to put in place a solution that will help you to:

  • Prepare and protect against a cyber attack
  • Monitor and detect as soon as a cyber attack takes place
  • Communicate and respond as soon as you become aware of a cyber attack