Crises Control features in Business Continuity Software Report 2017

Crises Control features in Business Continuity Software Report 2017

Crises Control has featured once more in the new Continuity Insurance & Risk Magazine, Business Continuity Software Report 2017, a market leading analysis of the top 19 global suppliers of business continuity management software.

The report reviews the current market in business continuity software and draws a number of conclusions on the state of the market:

Business continuity planning may have started out as a straightforward paper-based guide to help an organisation carry on should an incident occur – all well and good when the business operation is simple, and the number and type of potential risks is relatively small, but that applies to very few businesses today.

Software has played a central part in the evolution of the business continuity mindset but it had grown into a somewhat inaccessible business tool fully understood only by the business continuity manager. Today, it has a role as a tool that uses living, breathing, real-time information to help guide a business through a crisis.

Tolerance to interruption has hugely decreased in recent years, making it more likely that plans will be invoked and requiring these strategies and plans to be more robust, with individuals mobilised quickly.

All these factors are contributing to a software market that has moved higher up the list of business priorities, but there seems little doubt that there is still significant room for growth.

Expansion of this market is likely to continue – both vertically and horizontally – as more companies adopt software as the best way of managing business continuity activity since it is no longer considered an activity for the largest companies alone, but attainable on the part of smaller firms too.

If you are looking to procure business continuity planning software, then the CIR Report and Product Features Matrix is a great place to start and you can use it to quickly compare suppliers and functionality across the marketplace. This will demonstrate to you that the Crises Control business continuity solution matches up very well to other suppliers in essential requirements, whilst being very easy-to-use and intuitive.

We would love to hear from you to discuss your particular needs and arrange a free demonstration of the product to show you just how easy it is to use.