A safe and secure place to live and work

Dolphin Square: A safe and secure place to live and work

If you are a commercial property owner, building manager, campus security manager or tenant housing facilities manager, then you will be very aware of your duty to ensure that your property is a safe and secure place to live and work.

Headlines about tall building fires, terrorist attacks and even flooding will resonate with you very clearly, as you worry about the employees, students or tenants for whom you are responsible.

When a critical event happens, you know that it is your job to handle the situation, alert people of the danger and manage the return to business as usual as quickly and safely as possible.

You will be very aware of government regulation requiring that you have in place an emergency evacuation or response plan in place to deal with critical incidents.

When a critical event happens, having a reliable incident notification system in place can make the difference in keeping all of your residents safe and secure. Crises Control provides an integrated communications platform that will allow you to alert everyone who needs to know about the incident quickly and securely.

It will also allow you to send instructions to your response team, so that they can get on with their role in keeping people safe and handling the event.

Best of all, the Crises Control platform is cloud hosted, so it is not dependant on your IT network and can be operated from any mobile device, laptop, tablet or even smart phone. It is also multi-channel, so it can reach out to your people by phone, SMS, e-mail and even push notification to our mobile application.

We now have an SOS emergency button, so that individuals can tell you if they are safe or need help and allow you to track their location using GPS tracking on the mobile app.

One of our clients, Dolphin Square, situated on the banks of the River Thames in London, is the largest block of private flats in the UK. Having thousands of residents on site 24 hours a day places a serious responsibility on them to have a rapid and first class emergency response plan in place. They use Crises Control to handle major incidents that could require an emergency response from their whole team, such as a fire, flood or power outage.

If you would like to find out more about how Crises Control can help you to plan for, respond to and recover from a critical event in your building or campus visit our website or give us a call. Contact us for a copy of our Dolphin Square case study or download our free guide to Getting Started with an Incident Notification Solution.