In business you can’t afford to stand still

In business you can't afford to stand still

The key to success in business is to never stop innovating and that is what we aim to do here at Crises Control. Our objective is to provide customers with a leading-edge solution to their business continuity planning needs that will meet regulatory requirements and give them a competitive advantage in the market.

We have recently won the title of Most Innovative Product of the Year in the 2016 CIR Business Continuity Awards for Crises Control. We are delighted with the accolade, but we are not resting on our laurels. We continue to develop the product and this week I am proud to announce the release the latest version of our platform.

We have been listening to feedback from our customers and we have spent a lot of time on upgrading our onboarding and offboarding functionality in particular. This facility now allows customers to import their spreadsheet or active directory document into the Crises Control platform and watch it match automatically to our template format with an innovative new interface. We have also included new functions to allow the export of user data, recording of conference calls and enforcement of a password expiry policy for extra security.

In addition to the dashboard changes we are introducing now, we are also planning a full new version of the mobile app later in the year. This will include a brand new task manager function, which our customers have also been asking for along with a number of other new features. Check out our features page to see the full range of functions that already come with the Crises Control platform.

If you want to join us in our ongoing journey to provide customers with a leading edge solution to their business continuity needs please get in contact to find out how we can help you and request a free demo of our platform.

Rickie Sehgal