Meeting the need for communication-led resilience

Meeting the need for communication-led resilience

ARC has recently partnered with award-winning incident notification and management platform Crises Control to develop a new offering. This partnership combines ARC’s resilience building capabilities with Crises Control’s innovative recovery features.

Feedback from our users indicated the potential benefits of having a powerful mass notification feature in addition to our comprehensive end-to-end capabilities. This led us to generate AR3C in partnership with Crises Control.

Thanks to our partnership, we now offer a service enabling users to identify and implement best-practice in the run up to a disruption, respond dynamically when an incident occurs and rapidly disseminate a clear message, along with media assets, to the members of their community. These features mean AR3C can further enable communities to raise awareness, understand, share and act upon best practice.

The ARC platform’s features include a comprehensive library containing over 200 articles relating to best practice, an in-app messaging tool, a survey capability enabling you to quantify your current level of resilience, a mass notification feature, and a multi-scenario incident management platform.

These innovative features combined in one place mean that though we can’t know what’s coming, we can be better prepared.

Technology has increased the range of threats to our communities, from extended supply chains, to cyber security threats and even encrypted social networks that motivate and inform terrorist attacks. But technology is now also providing many ways to help connect communities and increase their resilience in times of stress.

Through AR3C, ARC and Crises Control remain committed to our shared mission of supporting organisations, communities and cities in becoming safer, smarter and better connected.