Crises Control parent company shortlisted for Specialist Technology Company of the Year in the BC Awards 2018

Specialist Technology Company of the Year in the BC Awards 2018

Crises Control parent company, Transputec, based in West London, has been shortlisted for the first time in the CIR Business Continuity Awards 2018, in the category of Specialist Technology Company of the Year, on the strength of the company’s very successful development and marketing of its leading edge business continuity platform, Crises Control.

The success of Transputec has been based on a series of technical and market innovations. In addition to being an infrastructure and services provider, Transputec also develops its own applications, using an in-house team. Some of these solutions prove to be so useful that they are then launched onto the wider market as cutting edge products. Crises Control is one such product.

Crises Control is a cloud based emergency mass notification application combined with a functional business disruption incident management platform. It was launched in 2015, after a significant period of development, by Transputec initially as a platform to initially serve its own clients.

The app proved so useful that Transputec saw a mass market for the platform and took its development up to another level by adding to its user experience and adding a number of features unique in the field.

In the last 12 months we have seen steady take-up of the CC platform. We now have more than 25,000 individual users spread across the UK, US, Europe, Australia, India, China, the Philippines and Singapore. The CC platform is being used by customers in finance, engineering, media, professional services, manufacturing, retail, insurance, housing, banking and property.

The award ceremony is being held on 7 June at the prestigious London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square.