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Business Continuity Solution

Activate your crisis response and minimise disruption to your business

When a business disruption event happens, every minute counts. The quicker you can activate your crisis response, the quicker you can begin to bring the disruption under control and start the journey back to business as usual.

If you can reduce your response time, you will likely reduce the damage caused to your business and your reputation. You will save on recovery costs and you will also save your customers from going elsewhere to meet their needs.

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Plan for your disruption using our iSOP Wizard

Crises Control Business Continuity Solution can reduce your response time from the industry average of 60 minutes to less than two minutes. This is a saving of 96%. This will save you time, money and customers.

Crises Control will help you plan for your business disruption event using our unique iSOP Wizard, Task Manager and Incident Library. When a disruption event occurs, then your plans will already be in place and ready to launch within a couple of clicks. Your action plan and any supporting documents will be sent to your response team ready for them to execute.

What are the benefits of our solution?

  • Launch incident alerts to response teams
  • Distribute supporting documents to response teams
  • Create task lists with Task Manager
  • Allocate tasks and actions to individuals or teams
  • Log completion of tasks
  • Monitor performance through dashboard reporting
  • Create incident SOPs with iSOP Wizard
  • Create automated audit logs for post-incident review

Use Case – Global Oil Company

A global oil company approached Crises Control for help with their business continuity planning process. They already had BC plans in place but had conducted a audit of these which revealed that their crisis communications/alerting process was a weak point for them. The Crises Control Business Continuity Solution was able to integrate seamlessly with their existing BC planning tools, allowing existing plans to be uploaded to our Incident Library and prepared ready for distribution when a disruption event occurred.

Solution Features


Launch Incident Quickly

Crises Control lets you quickly launch and manage incident processes, alerting the Business Continuity Management team without depending on your IT infrastructure or other resources.


Instant Notifications

Reach your Business Continuity Management Team (BCM) through push notifications, emails, SMS, phone calls or any combination. This will ensure rapid notifications and acknowledgement of critical incidents.


Mobile Apps

When a crisis occurs, does everyone on your BCM team know their role? Do you know where they are? With the Crises Control mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, you can manage your incident responses from anywhere.


Incidents Library

Crises Control’s web portal provides an easy crisis incident management, updates, deployment with actions or new incidents processes creation. Simply get access and manage your incidents library to meet your exact needs.


iSOP Wizard

Our new Incident SOP Wizard is a unique service of great value to small and large businesses alike that do not have the resources to create their own incident standard operating procedures themselves, or the budget to commission a consultant to create one.


Task Manager

Our new Task Manager module provides a valuable addition to your existing incident management functions that comes into its own once you have launched an incident, allowing you to create, delegate and track multiple incident tasks lists.


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