Sending Voice Calls and SMS

Crises Control customers only pay for telephone calls and SMS messages that they have used. In order to ensure they can use these channels when they need them, customers buy credit for the calls and SMS text message services in advance. You can pay for this by credit card. Once you have used your credit, you top up again.

We maintain a current statement for your account so that at any point you know how much you have used and what it cost. A monthly detailed account statement will be available on the web portal on the 1st day of the month.

When using the SMS and Call notification features, these are charged per unit according to the price package agreed with the customer. Price packages do offer the benefit of discounts for bulk purchases. Unit price varies according to the length and geographical location. One unit is equivalent to an SMS message containing less than 160 characters, or a local phone call of under 1-minute duration. Conference call rates vary according to the destination, the duration of the call and the number of participants on the call.

Voice calls and SMS notifications can be sent to any of the countries listed below^.

Crises Control SMS/Voice Call supported Countries

CountrySMSVoice Call
Andorra Landlines & Mobiles
Argentina Landlines & Mobiles
Brazil Landlines & Mobiles
Bulgaria Landlines & Mobiles
European Union Countrie Landlines & Mobiles
Hong Kong & Mobiles
Israel & Mobiles
Japan Landlines & Mobiles
Martinique Landlines & Mobiles
Malaysia Landlines & Mobiles
Malta Landlines & Mobiles
Mexico Landlines & Mobiles
Morocco Landlines & Mobiles
Netherlands Landlines & Mobiles
New Zealand Landlines & Mobiles
Peru Landlines & Mobiles
Portugal Landlines & Mobiles
Puerto Rico Landlines & Mobiles
Sweden Landlines & Mobiles
Singapore Landlines & Mobiles
South Africa Landlines & Mobiles
Switzerland Landlines & Mobiles
Taiwan Landlines & Mobiles
UK Landlines & Mobiles
USA Landlines & Mobiles
Venezuela Landlines & Mobiles

^Crises Control has no control over the telephone handset settings or voice mail settings used by the recipient. If the call goes to voicemail, it will not be detected, and will be treated as if picked up by the recipient. However where Crises Control cannot see an acknowledgement of the call, this can be assumed to be a voicemail.

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