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Incident templates that you can personalise

You need to have your action plans in place to deal with a crisis before that crisis actually happens. Creating effective guidelines, procedures and protocols to help your staff and suppliers deal with a crisis in your company is a complex process. Crises Control has developed a system to help you create an effective risk management strategy and is currently one of the most effective business continuity solutions.

The Crises Control Incidents Library is a growing treasure chest of information and guidance on how to develop your own documents to respond to a range of crises. The CCIL provides you with a catalogue of incident scenarios to cover just about any crisis or risk event you might face. You can build your own stable of incidents - tailored to your company, the business it undertakes and the risks it faces. Additionally it provides you access to a group of highly qualified experts who can advise you on how develop and instigate the most appropriate procedures for your business. These experts can also provide you with on-going training, improvements and support to ensure you are always at your most ready to deal with a crisis.

When it comes to complete business continuity solutions, Crises Control library is designed to aid you into tracking and resolving all possible threats and risks that are relevant to your core operations

Top 10 Disruption

We have done most of the hard work and provided you with a library of Crises Incidents that you can use as is or modify, however you can create your own bespoke crisis incidents. You can link Standard Operating Procedures and other assets, such as confidential documents, video and audio files to these incidents. These capabilities underpin the credibility of crisis response component of the company's risk management strategy.

  • IT and Telecoms Outage
  • Adverse Weather
  • Interruption to Utilities
  • Cyber Attack
  • Security Incident
  • Network Disruption
  • Subject Access Request (GDPR)
  • Supply Chain Disruption
  • Data Breach (GDPR)
  • Fire, Flood, Denial of Access




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