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Everything about Crises Control is designed to be easy. That includes switching from another provider too.

With just a few steps, you can migrate your content securely from your existing provider. It couldn’t be simpler.

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What is Crises Control


Reduce Response Time

Our customers have improved their time to engage from alert by 96%. Incidents are resolved 20% faster.

Multi Channel Notifications

Reach anyone via Phone, SMS, Push, Email and many other bespoke channels.

Multilingual Notifications

Our platform is available in many languages.

Personal Support

Our 24/7 support team will stay on top of your event to make sure everything runs smoothly.


multi channel

Guaranteed Notifications

During an event or when time is of the essence Crises Control will get the message through to your users by using many parallel communication channels.

Your Common
Operational Picture

Utilize our real-time dashboards and map-based visualizations to get a clear status of your users, tasks, incidents and notifications.
Your single version of the truth.

Cutting Edge
Conference Calls

Use our conference bridge to convene conference calls when required. Simple, safe and reliable calls.
Get set in under 10 seconds!

Crises Control Portal & App

Options for Pre-defined Communications

Create communication plans ahead of time to specify notifications based on type of incident, channel, employee role and location.

SOS Alerts & GEO Mapping

Users can send SOS alerts and the system will monitor the location and status of each SOS alert to task completion.

Records Library &
Easy Auditablity

Integrated records management system for crises related data.

Documented and customizable audit logs provided for real-time and post-event management.

Start using Crises Control today

An efficient, user friendly, mass notification system made to support you when you need it the most