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What is Crises Control

Switching is easier than ever. Let us show you how to save time, money and stress!

Everything about Crises Control is designed to be easy. That includes switching from another provider too.

With just a few steps, you can migrate your content securely from your existing provider. It couldn’t be simpler.

Get in contact and we will show you just how easy this is.

Why use Crises Control?

Reduce response times

Alert response teams quicker, and resolve incidents faster.

Mobile and desktop alerts

Reach users by SMS, push notification, IVR call, or email.

Localised alerts

Create alerts and messages in multiple languages.

24/7 support

Access Crises Control support 24/7 - even during a crisis.

Secure, Reliable, Mass Notification Platform

Manage incidents in one place

Real-time dashboard and map-based visualisations clearly show the status of users, tasks, incidents and notifications in one place.

Get the message through

When time is of the essence, ensure your message reaches your users with Crises Control multi-channel alerting.

Learn from each incident

Documented, customised audit logs for every alert, message, or task during an incident provide valuable data for post event analysis.

Prepare critical messages in advance

Create communication plans for any incident, channel, employee, or location, and save vital time in an emergency.

Keep people safe

User-origin SOS alerts and geo locating trackers help keep employees and users safe. Monitor each SOS alert until completion.

Instant Conference calls

Since everything is hosted in the cloud, you can leverage these capabilities from any location or device.