Emergency Notification Solution

Keep your team informed throughout an event

When a critical event happens you need to have the ability to communicate with your employees, tenants, students or site visitors rapidly and reliably. It is vital that your emergency communication reaches its intended audience by whatever channel is quickest for them to access, to maximise the chances of keeping them safe.

Crises Control offers this multi-channel communication by phone call, SMS message, push notification and e-mail. Whatever device they use, desktop, laptop or mobile, they will not be able to ignore your urgent communication.

Emergency Notification System
Emergency Notification System

Launch an emergency incident from any device

You can launch an emergency incident from any device and send out your message to individuals, groups or locations within seconds. You can also attach instructions to your message, such as a map, and send out incident updates throughout the event.

Our intuitive mobile application allows your response team to launch the incident and send out updates from their mobile devices if access to your offices in a problem during the event.

What are the benefits of our solution?

  • Send out instant notifications worldwide on any device
  • Send emergency notifications to individuals, locations or teams
  • Keep your team, students, tenants or site visitors safe
  • Distribute supporting documents to response teams
  • Track and trace your team with GPS location finder
  • Create automated audit logs for post-incident review
Emergency Notification System
Emergency Notification System

Use Case – Housing Corporation

A housing corporation, which is located in a flood zone, needed the ability to alert their response teams and residents to imminent flood warnings. They also wanted to be able to update potentially hundreds of people who had been evacuated from their homes when it was safe to return to them. The Crises Control Emergency Notification Solution is ideal to communicate with their diverse range of residents who use a variety of mobile devices and channels, including e-mail, SMS, phone call and push notification.

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Solution Features


Launch Incident Quickly

Crises Control lets you quickly launch and manage incident processes, alerting the Business Continuity Management team without depending on your IT infrastructure or other resources.


Instant Notifications

Reach your Business Continuity Management Team (BCM) through push notifications, emails, SMS, phone calls or any combination. This will ensure rapid notifications and acknowledgement of critical incidents.


Mobile Apps

When a crisis occurs, does everyone on your BCM team know their role? Do you know where they are? With the Crises Control mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, you can manage your incident responses from anywhere.


Simple and Secure

The right balance between security and ease of use is essential when handling a crisis, where speed of communication may have to take precedence over the most stringent access controls.


Trace and Track

During a crisis event, organisations need to do more than just send out an alert. Locate your Business Continuity Management team on location map and track their progress and responses.


Reports and Audit Data

Crises Control provides auditable log-tracking, sent to a central server for post-crisis review and compliance reporting. Powerful audit reports continuously refine your processes to deliver the best results.

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We are very pleased to have the Crises Control Service, a quicker notification time allows maximum time for proper preparations, which minimizes life safety concerns and mitigates impact to our bottom line.
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson