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Crises Control for Enterprise

Critical Communications - On Demand

Crises Control is a tool for communicating with your incident response team when a business crisis strikes. It provides the teams the right Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and monitors the execution of important TASKS that are associated with that incident. It establishes a virtual command and control centre providing multi-channel communications to all your stakeholders using our resilient infrastructure when your systems may be down, tracking all communications for audit and review.

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Safety first - Track and trace people in an emergency

There are many critical incidents when you need to communicate with not only your employees, but also your customers and visitors to your buildings and campuses. Crises Control allows you to launch an emergency incident from a mobile device, on the move if necessary. You can send out maps and incident updates throughout an event.

You may also need to be able to track and trace your employees, customers and visitors. Crises Control allows you to do this through the GPS tracking facility on our Mobile App, which can be also be turned off for privacy if necessary.

Responsive people - "always prepared"

It is just no use having the best system in the world if your people are not responsive when an incident occurs. Crises Control uses a unique and innovative approach to PING your people and monitors their response times during business as usual. Team members soon become familiar with these alerts. The App is intuitive and very easy to use, people quickly learn how to access information that you have released on it. They become responsive and always prepared.

Responsiveness data is presented in easy to understand graphs, building a clear picture of your organisational responsive gap analyses - by Individual, Dept/Groups or Location. This invaluable tool is unique to Crises Control and combines with our Scheduler to allow your organisation to run simulations whenever you want to, knowing that, at all times, auditable data is being collected for continued improvement.

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Integration - "the possiblilites are endless"

Our Trigger alerts allow the Crises Control platform to integrate with hundreds of different monitoring and alerting applications, such as Anti-Virus software, CCTV alarm systems, IT Ticketing systems, Service Desk systems, ITMS systems, IT Operations Monitoring stems, Workflow & Workload systems and many other software applications to trigger the automatic launch of an incident or alert to your response team. If that is not enought, we provide a suit of APIs for you to integrate with to easily manage your users, enhance your team's productivity, and create seamless integrations.

Create and manage Policies, Procedures in one system.

Our new Incident SOP Wizard, designed by industry experts, will allow you to create incident specific Policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) without the fuss. It makes the process of writing, managing and reviewing SOPs easy form one single point. Ideal for all organisations that follow good practice, operate a Quality Management System (QMS) or are aiming to achieve International standards (ISO 9001, 27001, BSI 22301) or the new GDPR standards due in March 2018.

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Critical Task, Process milestones & Audit trail

With some incidents, it is important to perform critical TASKs in a timely manner (RTO). It could be an important "milestone", a "compliance task" or a "time dependent escalation" task. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to know who took ownership of the task, when it was executed, what decisions were made, and if Return To Service KPIs were met or exceeded. Our unique real-time TIMELINE report graphically shows the evolution of the incident from launch to completion. It provides a comprehensive audit trail of "who did what, when, why" and their journal notes for decisions made. 

Download the Cyber Resilience Report 2016

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