Crises Control on G-Cloud 9

Crises Control, the mass notification, multi-channel, business continuity platform and crisis response solution has now been listed on the latest government Digital Marketplace through the G-Cloud 9 framework, making it available to all public sector organisations. This means that public sector organisations can save time and cost on their procurement process by relying on the terms of use agreed under the framework.

Crises Control is an innovative award winning cloud based EMNS app combined with a sophisticated business disruption incident management platform, delivered through a mobile application, with a number of unique features of direct relevance to the public sector market.

Our cloud hosting partners are UKCloud, providers of a public cloud for the exclusive use of UK Public Sector organisations. They are dedicated to helping their customers gain value from the agility and cost savings of using a sovereign, assured cloud platform.

UKCloud Enterprise Compute Cloud provides you with the trusted, connected and flexible Assured OFFICIAL cloud platform you need to deliver your critical enterprise applications in the cloud. The Crises Control platform can help you achieve the business goals at the centre of your strategy, without risking your operational ability to execute.

The Crises Control G-Cloud 9 offering includes the following features and benefits:

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Service Features

  • Multi-channel communication to your mobile device
  • E-mail, SMS, telephone and push notifications
  • Telephone conference call bridge function
  • Secure cloud storage for your incident SOPs
  • Delivery of incident SOPs to mobile devices
  • Sophisticated task manager module
  • Automatic generation of audit trail
  • Automatic generation of response performance reporting
  • Incident SOP Wizard
  • 24/7 helpdesk support

Service Benefits

  • Get notified instantly worldwide on any device
  • Receive incident alerts with supporting SOP
  • Track and trace your team with GPS location finder
  • Identify gaps in your organisations responsiveness
  • Develop your team into responsive people who are always prepared
  • Set responsiveness KPI for supply chain partners
  • Secure communication with incident specific stakeholders
  • Customised incident management processes
  • Engage the right people to respond

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. The basic terms of use are agreed by both parties following a formal Official Journal of the European Union procurement process. This saves public sector organisations and suppliers the time and cost traditionally associated with individual procurement contracts. Buyers and suppliers still need to sign a ‘call-off contract’ for each service procured through a framework.

Crises Control won the title of the Most innovative Product of the Year in the CIR Business Continuity Awards 2016. The Awards recognises business continuity, security, resilience and risk solutions whose innovative strategies and industry savvy make them stand out above the rest.

Regulatory Drivers

In the UK, emergency services and local authorities are required to put in place emergency plans and disaster recovery solutions arrangements as Category 1 responders to an emergency situation under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. They must also put in place arrangements to warn, inform and advise the public in the event of an emergency. Local authorities are required to provide advice and assistance to businesses and voluntary organisations about business contingency plan and management.

In the US, the Continuity of Operations is a federal government initiative to ensure that agencies are able to continue performance of essential functions under a broad range of circumstances. The National Security Presidential Directive-51, the Homeland Security Presidential Directive-20 and the National Continuity Policy specify that all Federal executive branch departments and agencies develop an integrated, overlapping business continuity capability.

The US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency specify directions to State, territorial, tribal, and local governments for developing continuity plans and programs in Continuity Guidance Circular 1.

Similar regulations now apply in almost all other developed countries around the world, as public authorities recognise the essential nature of business contingency plan to the continuation of government provision in times of emergencies and catastrophic events.

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