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GDPR Compliance - Secure hosting and encrypted data

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR defines strict guidelines for the collection, storage, and processing of personally identifiable information (PII) for organisations and companies operating within the EU or holding EU citizen's data. Given the complexity and scope of the GDPR, it is now vital for all organsations holding PII  to have an integrated and automated approach to data protection compliance and assurance in order to meet thee new regulatory requirements.

Crises Control offer Data Protecvtion Officers (DPOs) and audit, incident management, and compliance teams a single, unified solution to manage multiple GDPR requirements. The solution supports GDPR compliance, and helps DPOs build a robust data protection and governance framework. Crises Control is also fully compliant with the GDPR itself with secure hosting and encryption of data both at rest and in transit.  

Teams responsible for data protection assurance and compliance can define and test controls, perform audits, and resolve issues that might arise. Powerful reports and dashboards provide comprehensive and real-time visibility into the status of GDPR assurance, enabling the DPO and others responsible for data protection to make informed decisions.


Value Proposition


  • Confidence that Crises Control data protection and processing is compliant with GDPR.
  • Secure EEC hosting and encryption of data both at rest and in transit.
  • Personal Identification Information visility is configurable.
  • Ready to use and customisable GDPR incident templates for example; Cyber Attack, DLP, Loss/Theft of Data, Subject Access Request, to name a few.
  • Critical structured actions with time dependant KPIs and escalation workflow, in each incident template.
  • Preparedness and rapid response in the event of a data breach. Crises Control ensures that all the essential components of your action plan are to hand, with the facility to retain related assets on our platform.
  • Command and control dashboard which provides real time visibility into issues, as well as the follow-up and completion of actions.
  • Rapid responses to requests and complaints from data subjects
  • Reports and audit trail for post-incident review


Crises control security framework is based on Security and Privacy Controls for Information, which has direct mapping to ISO 27001. Our security and data privacy controls and procedures are assessed annually by an accredited third-party audit firm.



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