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Healthcare providers perform a special role in society, that of looking after the frail, sick and vulnerable of all ages. With this role comes the special responsibility of ensuring that those individuals entrusted to them receive the highest quality of care and are kept safe from harm.

Healthcare providers are usually subject to a stringent emergency planning regime. They must be able to show that they can effectively counter industry-specific incidents with the proper set of business continuity services, all while also attending patients.

In critical situations, healthcare providers face significant operational challenges related to staffing, resources, technology and patient care. Whether it's an unforeseen crisis or regulatory compliance, Crises Control can equip healthcare providers with the integrated communications platform needed to reach out to their response teams and stakeholders, handle the emergency and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Crises Control - NHS

Government digital marketplace

Crises Control, the mass notification, multi-channel, business continuity platform and crisis response solution has just been listed on the latest government Digital Marketplace through the G-Cloud 10 framework, making it available to all public sector organisations. This means that public sector organisations can save time and cost on their procurement process by relying on the terms of use agreed under the framework.

Crises Control is an innovative award-winning cloud based EMNS app combined with a sophisticated business disruption incident management platform, delivered through a mobile application, with a number of unique features of direct relevance to the public-sector market.

The benefits of Crises Control

  • Get notified instantly worldwide on any device
  • Receive incident alerts with supporting SOP
  • Track and trace your team with GPS location finder
  • Identify gaps in your organisation's responsiveness
  • Engage, train and develop your response team
  • Improve speed of your incident response
  • Secure, always-on cloud hosting
  • GDPR compliant data hosting and transmission
  • Access automated performance reporting dashboard
  • Access automated audit trail dashboard for post-incident review

Solution Features


Mass Notifications

Reach your Business Continuity Management Team (BCM) through push notifications, emails, SMS, phone calls or any combination. This will ensure rapid notifications and acknowledgement of critical incidents.


Mobile Apps

When a crisis occurs, does everyone on your BCM team know their role? Do you know where they are? With the Crises Control mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, you can manage your incident responses from anywhere.


Task Manager

Our new Task Manager module provides a valuable addition to your existing incident management functions that comes into its own once you have launched an incident, allowing you to create, delegate and track multiple incident tasks lists.


Data Import

Rather than add users manually one at a time, you can add many users in a bulk import. To do this, you create a CSV (comma separated values) file that contains the user's data in the order that we have show in the sample spread sheet.


Reports and Audit Data

Crises Control provides auditable log-tracking, sent to a central server for post-crisis review and compliance reporting. Powerful audit reports continuously refine your processes to deliver the best results.


GDPR compliance

The right balance between security and ease of use is essential when handling a crisis, where speed of communication may have to take precedence over the most stringent access controls.

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