Crises Control for the Property Sector

Business disruption to commercial properties or even managed housing from technological failure to severe weather and security events means both a safety and security threat to your residents.

Crises Control will equip property companies with a mass communication platform that can carry out an emergency evacuation plan.



Mass Communications for the Property and Managed Housing sector

Clear and effective communications during critical event means the difference between life and death. Crises Control will be able to reach response teams, residents and emergency units so that you can return to business as soon as possible.

Response Automation

Using our Plan Builder, our Task Manager and Incident Library can be launched within a couple of clicks to put your action plan into play to send the right people, the right instructions and documentation on time.

Regulatory Approval

The property industry is heavily regulated, mandating proper emergency arrangements and ability to function during a crises. Crises Control will ensure you meet these requirements.

SOS Alerts & GEO Mapping

Users can send SOS alerts and the system will monitor the location and status of each SOS alert during the entire life-cycle of the event.

Start using Crises Control today

An efficient, user friendly, mass notification system made to support you when you need it the most