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Integration with other applications

It is easy to integrate Crises Control with other applications such as CRM and HR database platforms, service desk solutions or with monitoring systems. We have a range of options to integrate Crises Control with other applications to make your operations more efficient, including;

  • Open APIs (for developers and acredieted partners) 
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Trigger imports via Email, SFT.
  • Import Bulk User (CSV file)
  • Secheduled user Imports  and On demand.
  • Optional Single-sign on.

We also have our own customised external trigger function, which anyone can use to build their own integration with a monitoring system such as building alarms, server monioring software, fire alarms, antivirus software and help desk software. This trigger can receive an email, SMS or FTP alert from an external monitoring system and use a customised key code to automatically trigger and launch an incident within Crises Control. 





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