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Crises Control business continuity platform listed on G-Cloud 9 with partner UKCloud

Crises Control, the mass notification, multi-channel, business continuity platform and crisis response solution has just been listed on the latest government Digital Marketplace through the G-Cloud 9 framework, making it available to all public sector organisations. This means that public sector organisations can save time and cost on their procurement process by relying on the terms of use agreed under the framework.

Cyber security is threatening our critical national infrastructure

This country has invested tens of millions of pounds in cyber security measures. We have a National Cyber Security Centre; Security Programme; Crime Unit; Security Strategy; Skills Centre; Security Academy; Security Alliance. Not to mention the activities of our various police forces and the National Crime Agency and, given the activities of Friday 12 May, GCHQ and the security agencies will have been working overtime.

BCI research confirms that social engineering is a top cause of cyber incidents

Research commissioned by Crises Control from the BCI for their annual cyber resilience report 2016 confirms much of what we already suspected about the changing nature of the cyber threat and the way that cyber criminals have found new ways past corporate perimeter security.

Crises Control shortlisted for innovation in the BCI European Awards 2017

I am delighted to announce that Crises Control, the mass notification, multi-channel, business continuity platform and crisis response solution, has been shortlisted for the prestigious BCI European Awards, in the Continuity and Resilience Innovation 2017 category.

Five ways in which you can cut down disruption to your business

More than 550,000 small businesses in the UK have been forced to halt trading due to a disruption in the last two years, according to 2016 research by small business insurer Direct Line for Business. The average cost of keeping a small business afloat while unable to trade for two weeks is estimated to be £8,775.

Crises Control launches innovative new modules and Business solution

Fresh from winning the title of Most Innovative BC Product of the Year 2016, Crises Control has confirmed its reputation as the leading innovator in the crisis notification and response field with the release of two innovative new modules on its platform and a new Business solution aimed at the SME market.

Crises Control parent company awarded ISO 27001 certification

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Transputec Ltd, the parent company of Crises Control, has been awarded its ISO 27001 certification, at the very first attempt. Crises Control recognises the importance that its customers attach to information security, which is why we have sought to implement the highest standards of data handling security, as identified by ISO 27001.

Crises Control shortlisted for Business Continuity Awards 2017

I am delighted to announce that Crises Control, the mass notification, multi-channel, business continuity platform and crisis response solution, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Business Continuity Awards 2017, in the Cloud Based Services Category.

We must be prepared at all times

The terrorist attack at the Palace of Westminster serves as a hideous reminder of the IRA aphorism that "You have to be lucky every day: we have to be lucky on one day". Fortunately, and predictably, the Palace of Westminster is one of the most secure establishments in the country. The fact that a policeman has been stabbed to death serves to emphasise the price that is demanded of those who protect us and our democracy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues at this time.

Information security tops list of concerns for BC professionals

Information security issues have topped the list of threats that business continuity professionals are concerned about for the third year running, according to the BCI Horizon Scan Report for 2017.

It's not just the big boys that get caught out

It's not only the big boys - Tesco, Talk Talk, Google, Camelot, PayAsUGym, Yahoo - that get caught out by cyber attacks, but also the small, medium size companies and organisations.

Best practice #3 - "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you"

In the previous two blogs in this series on best practice in BC planning, I looked at identifying and mitigating the risks to your corporate environment, and at scenario planning for your identified risk events. These two steps prepare the ground for the next task, which is to develop your response and recovery plans should the risk you fear actually materialise.

Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for yourself

The Public Accounts Committee has made it clear that the Government is moving too slowly in its actions to protect the nation against cyber attacks. At the same time the Secretary for Defence makes the threat more pertinent and makes it clear that we are under constant attack from state sponsored hacking.

Crises Control features in EMNS Software Report

Crises Control has featured once more in a leading Emergency and Mass Notification Software Report. The CIR EMNS Software Report 2016/17 is a market leading analysis of the top 13 global suppliers of emergency and mass notification software.

Who uses "Password" as a password these days?

There is an interesting farce being played out in the United States of America which is both amusing and disturbing at the same time. On the one hand is the incumbent President and on the other the President-Elect.

Crises Control is for life, not just for Christmas

Business disruptions happen at any and all times of year, but they seem to hit the headlines more during the holiday season. Here in the UK we have had the threat of postal, rail and airline strikes and in Germany this week we have the dreadful news about the terror attack on the Christmas market in Berlin.

No company can ignore this issue any longer

Technology company Yahoo Inc, has just disclosed that it is once again at the top of a league table that it would rather not be on at all. Only a few months after admitting that it had unknowingly leaked 500 million user account details two years ago, it has now reported that three years ago it had more than 1 billion user account details stolen from it.

Best practice #2 - Scenario planning is a vital part of the risk mitigation process

The BCI Horizon Scan is a great place to start when you need to think about scenario planning. The 2016 Report, for example, tells you that the use of internet for malicious attacks is the number one trend, closely followed by the loss of key employees. This is a finding replicated in the Cyber Resilience Report 2016 sponsored by Crises Control. The Horizon Scan also tells us that new regulation and increased regulatory scrutiny is in the list of the top five trends and uncertainties reported by BC managers. This gives you an important clue as to why scenario planning and testing is now a must for any organisation serious about its BC planning.