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Review your corporate cyber resilience today

It is hard to get away from the presence and scale of the cyber security threat. The media is full of stories of companies who have been hit by a data breach. UK government figures from the Information Security Breaches Survey 2015 indicate that the average cost of the most severe online security breaches range from £1.5 to £3.1 million for big business and from £75,000 to £311,000 for SMEs. According to the survey, 90% of large organisations and 74% of SMEs reported an information security breach during the year.

EU-US Safe Harbour data privacy deal is vital for cloud computing

You might be wondering what all the recent fuss in the media has been about EU data sharing agreements with the US and the attitude of the US government towards surveillance on citizens’ data for the purposes of national security.

Advice to employees caught up in a terrorist attack

Following the latest Paris attacks, the need to plan for the possibility of a marauding firearms attack by terrorists has been rammed home to those responsible for public safety. The police and the CT authorities bear a significant responsibility in such a scenario and they are already actively planning and rehearsing for such attacks. But those responsible for employee safety, especially in big buildings or campuses in large cities, also need to consider what they should do to ensure the safety of those within their care.

Crises Control shortlisted for Business Continuity Awards 2016

Crises Control, the mass notification, multi-channel, business continuity platform and crisis response solution, has been shortlisted in two categories for the prestigious Business Continuity Awards 2016, Cloud Based Services and Most innovative Product of the Year. Introduced in 2014 by tech company Transputec for their own clients, it was so successful that they took its development up a level, adding to its user experience and incorporating a number of features unique in the field, before launching it on the open market.

Exercise Unified Response

Exercise Unified Response, coordinated by the London Fire Brigade and involving all the emergency services, first responders, local authorities, utility companies, forensic specialists and victim identification teams from across the country has just been completed. Teams from Hungary, Italy and Cyprus also took part and the EU funded some £2million of the costs.

Backup and disaster recovery are key drivers of enterprise cloud usage

Research just published has found that the majority of enterprises in the US plan to increase their spending on cloud computing by as much as 50 percent in 2016. According to a new study conducted by B2B research firm, Clutch, nearly 30 percent will maintain their current spending, and only 6 percent will reduce their cloud computing budget.

Crises Control business continuity platform is listed on new G-Cloud 7 framework

Crises Control, the mass notification, multi-channel, business continuity platform and crisis response solution has been just been listed on the government G-Cloud 7 framework, making it available to all public sector organisations. This means that public sector organisations can save time and cost on their procurement process by relying on the terms of use agreed under the framework.

No let up in terror threat in 2016

2016 has barely begun, yet we have already seen a renewal of the terrorist threat to the UK, as well as many other places around the globe. A video just released by ISIS, featuring a jihadist with a London accent, shows the execution of five ‘British spies’ and threatens revenge on the UK for RAF air strikes in Syria.

Communication let me down… Why you need a notification system!

Charlie Maclean-Bristol, Director of Training at Crises Control Channel Partner, Business Continuity Training, discusses the importance of having an effective communication system during an incident.

CIR Magazine 2015/16

Crises Control features in CIR Magazine 2015/16 EMN Software Report

Crises Control has featured for the first time in the Continuity Insurance & Risk Magazine, Emergency and Mass Notification Software Report for 2015/16. The Report is a market leading analysis of the top 13 global suppliers of emergency and mass notification software.

Avoid London area closed, turn on radio

On the 7th July 2005 four bombs were exploded in London. The repercussions are felt to this day with survivors still requiring medical treatment for their injuries and families, from all over the world, grieving their losses. All forms of communication were tested to the limit on that day, in some areas there was chaos.

Talk the Talk

Better to walk the walk than Talk the Talk

Telecommunications company Talk Talk are coming under increasing pressure over their delayed response to a cyber attack on their website which took place last week and resulted in the loss of confidential customer data to cyber criminals. The company apparently took 24 hours to report the breach to the Information Commissioner and even longer to tell customers that their data was at risk.

Leading corporate resilience expert joins Crises Control

Following my roles as Statutory Deputy Mayor of London, Chair of the London Resilience Forum and Chair of the 7 July Review Committee, I have been searching for a communications system that has the potential to enhance the resilience of cities and corporations and aid their business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

wins prestigious technology award

Founder of business continuity start-up wins prestigious technology award

The founder of a start-up company responsible for developing a pioneering business continuity mobile application has just won the prestigious Asian Professional of the Year Award 2015 for IT and Technology. Rickie Sehgal, Chairman of Crises Control, received the award at a glittering ceremony held at the 5-star Grange City Hotel near Tower Bridge.

Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning. There's an app for that!

These days we are used to the idea that there is a mobile phone application for every problem presented by modern living. Need to pay a bill or transfer some money? There is a mobile phone banking app for that. Need to find your way to a new place? There is a mobile GPS app for that. Need to get some takeaway food delivered to your door. There is a delivery service app for that. Need to call a taxi late at night and pay on your credit card? There's an app for that as well.

Human error

Human error is inevitable when humans are involved

Technology is a great enabler that can multiply the efficiency of any organisation many times over. But that same power can also multiply the opportunity for mistakes to happen and the impact of those mistakes when they do take place.

incident response

Five steps to preparing yourself for a successful incident response

Research conducted with social care providers across England, into their business continuity planning and preparations for emergency response, has exposed a lack of robust planning for dealing with business disruption incidents.

Social care

Social care homes need to raise their game

Research that we have carried out with social care providers, published today, show s that hundreds of NHS funded social care homes across England will need to raise their game in order to meet their emergency planning obligations under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. Many of these care homes are currently not even aware that they are covered by the Act if they receive NHS funding for any of their clients. All of them will have to meet strict emergency planning guidelines, including the staging of exercise to test their business continuity plans every six months.