Protect the public in an emergency

Public warning systems are vital for any organisation who are responsible for public safety, including but not limited to local government, emergency services, or even stadium or event venue managers.

The Crises Control public alerting module allows organisations to send messages to a large number of unregistered people by SMS or email. Send large volumes of messages rapidly and securely.

Crises Control is listed on the G-Cloud 12 digital marketplace.

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Private, secure, effective public warning system

Protect public privacy

Public alert data is not saved. Execute messages without saving the contact list to preserve the privacy of the public

Send follow up messages

Save the list of recipients from the initial alert to send follow up messages as the incident progresses

Quick upload send list

No need to set up contact lists in advance, simply upload the contact details spreadsheet to send the message immediately

Multiple channel messaging

Public alerts can be sent by SMS or email to reach more people

Public Alert
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Why use Crises Control public alerting?

Discover what more you can do with Crises Control:

Get the message out to the public

Keep the public safe with Crises Control public alerting

Alert the public quickly and effectively, save time, money, reputation, and even lives.

Schedule alerts

Schedule follow up alerts to notify the public when the incident has ended.

Incident management

Control your incident response with the dashboard, real-time data, tasks, and coordinated responses.