The System

Where in the world can I use Crises Control?

You can use the Crises Control system from anywhere in the world from your desktiop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. All you need is internet access for all devices except with mobile phones, The Crises Control App can receive messages via SMS and telephone ene when you have no data signal or internet access.

Where is Crises Control hosted and managed from?
Can I run multiple crises at a time?
How easy is it to start a free trial of Crises-Control?
Can a company have multiple locations?
Can a company have multiple departments?
Can I set up stakeholder groups?
What are the possible crises-incidents that I can use or modify?
What incidents are in the Incident Library?
How many launch keys can an incident have?
Is it straightforward to create my own Bespoke crisis incident?
Will I get instructions and help into creating my own Bespoke crises incident?
How quickly are incident alerts and actions delivered to users?
How are users associated to a particular company account?
What are media assets?
Can I copy a previous incident for fast and easy launch?
Can I attach files to the incident and ping messages?
Can I assign tasks to an incident?
Can I view the status of the tasks assigned to the incidents?
Integration and API
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About Ping

What can the PING be used for?

PING is like your own private and secure "WhatsApp" but much more powerful. PING can be used to send messages between people in your organisation securely because it is private for you organisation.

The messages are transmitted from device to device encrypted and can have associated photos and or videos, however the photos and videos are not sent to the message receiver. Therefore, they are not downloaded to their device, they are kept in our cloud and only a link is sent to the message receiver. GDPR rules require PII to be protected from unauthorized or unconsented distribution.

Can I send Photos and Video with the message?
Can I send a reply to a PING message?
How much text can I send in any PING Message?
What type of encryption is used for PING messages in transit?
How many communication channels can I use to send a PING message?
How do I know if someone has read and acknowledged my message?
Can I give people an option to select different responses to my PING message?
Can I use the PING message to communicate with people in our Company no matter where they are in the world?
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Notifications and Alerts

Not receiving Emails?
During the registration processes Crises Control will send you an email with instructions to complete your registration and download the App. The process of registration is automated and the email originates from [email protected] .
If you are not receiving emails from Crises Control it is probably because your Network Spam filters are blocking incoming email or they are going to your Junk folder.
Spam filters are customizable and can block emails containing specific words, and some networks or organisations have strict rules that automatically block or mark messages sent outside of a whitelist. You can whitelist so they aren't blocked by your organisation.

Whitelist Information for Crises Control
Domains & IP Blocks
If you're behind a firewall that blocks access to all traffic except for certain domains or IPs and the network has granted access to just, the network administrator needs to add all our domains, subdomains, and IP blocks for the site to work properly. Otherwise, you might experience issues, for example certain pages won't load or you won't be able to upload or view files or you can’t see tutorial videos on "how to do things".

The asterisk (*) is a wildcard used to account for any subdomains we use. The last item in the list is for Vimeo, which we use to host video tutorials and training materials.
Can I receive a phone call in the event of an incident?
Can I receive an email and text in the event of an incident alert?
Will the push notification sound still play when a phone is on silent?
Will there be a push notification to show all the users that the crisis that occurred has been resolved?
Can I use older mobile phones that do not have push technology?
Can I receive an email and text in the event of an incident alert?
What is the average time between the Incident launch and the user receieving the call, SMS or alert?
Can I set up a conference call on demand when an incident is active?
Is it easy to track people and their reponse time?
Do SMS messages fail to get through sometimes?
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Billing and Upgrades

How does the proof of concept trial work?
For our Enterprise solution, the POC is the best way to demonstrate whether Crises Control is the right solution for your organisation. We will support you during this month long paid trial, helping you to get setup, populating your account and testing the message and incidents functions. At the end of the trial, you will know if Crises Control is the right option for your company, and can start your annual Enterprise membership.
How does the Crises Control billing work?
How do I cancel my account?
What are the charges for Phone calls and SMS text?
Are the calls or SMS charged by the user's network provider?
How do I increase my user(s) numbers?
How do I add the Task Manager Module?
Will I have to start all over again if I restart my Crises Control account?
Can I re-join Crises Control if I cancel my membership?
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The App

What kind of mobile devices does Crises Control support?
Crises Control supports iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry Android, phones, tablets and PCs. It also supports all the mainstream browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.).
Does the Crises Control app work everywhere in the world?
How do I download the Crises Control app?
What actions I can perform using the mobile app?
Will crises control work without the App??
Do I need to register on the website before I can use the app on my device?
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About Incidents

What is an Incident?

An incident is an unexpected event that can cause disruption to the normal running of your business.

For example, an incident, in the context of occupational health and safety, is an unintended event that disturbs normal operations.

An incident, in the context of information technology, is an event that is not part of normal operations that disrupts operational processes.

An incident may involve the failure of a feature or service that should have been delivered or some other type of operation failure. Security incident are events that indicate that an organization's systems or data may have been compromised.

An incident can be: fire, flood, denial of access, loss of internet, loss of telecommunications, injury or death at workplace, power outage, cybercrime, data breach, supply chain disruption by severe weather, damage to an aircraft, bomb, terrorism, and many more incidents that require you to rapid make people aware and share information with them.

Can I run an incident simulation(s)?
Can I associate useful assets like contact list to an Incident(s) ?
Do responders get the "Standard Operation Procedure"?
What’s is a Task?
Can I store my "Standard Operation Procedure" on the platform?
Can I create TASK(s) that are assigned to responders with time dependent escalation?
If I don’t have a "Standard Operation Procedure" what are my options?
Can I create a simple "Standard Operation Procedure" on your platform?
What kinds of other supporting assets can I store on the platform?
Are the "Standard Operation Procedure" available in the App and the website?
Can the platform send reminders to the owner of a "Standard Operation Procedure" when it time for their review?
Can I schedule a simulation for a set time or randomly?
Can I Trigger an incident by integrating Crises Control with other Software or Systems?
Can I send an incident alert to any Location worldwide?
Can I send an incident alert to any Department or Group worldwide?
Can I pick and mix Locations, Departments/Groups, and User in any combination?
Can I show my people the exact location where the Incident has occurred?
Can I track my people if I want to during an incident?
Can my people choose to be tracked if they feel vulnerable?
Can my people have a Panic Button for emergencies?
Can I track the progress of an incident with real time reports? Does Crises control provide real time reporting?
How many people can be informed when there is an incident?
Can I clone any incident when I want to create a new incident with a similar setup?
How many Incident can I create?
What does the Task Manager do?
How does Task Manager help manage incidents?
What are the benefits of using Task manager?
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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a sweeping new EU law that went into effect in all EU Member States on May 25, 2018. It mandates how companies can collect, store, delete, modify and otherwise process personal data of EU citizens. It applies to any company that processes personal data of EU citizens, regardless of whether it has any physical presence in the EU, or even whether it has any EU customers. Companies are also required to pass these obligations down to all of their vendors and suppliers who may also handle personal data of EU citizens anywhere in the world. Despite Brexit, the UK is committed to stay compliant with the GDPR

What is the definition of “personal data” under GDPR?
What Obligations does Crises Control have with respect to PII?
What is our Privacy Policy?
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Technical, Security and Resilience

What are Transputec’s credentials as an IT service provider?

Crises Control is wholly owned by Transputec, a privately owned limited company. Transputec is an established IT services and solutions company with over 30 years of innovation, managed serices and excellent customer service.

How robust are our data centre facilities?
How secure is our data storage?
How robust are your Data centres?
What about Credit Carddata?
Is Crises Control PCI compliant?
How robust is our messaging infrastructure?
G-cloud framework
On premise hosting
Do we offer a single sign-on option?
What service level targets do we have?
The Quality Standards do we adhere to?
Our Insustry Associations
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What level of support do I receive?

We offer you full 24/7 technical support to assist you when you need it. We recognise the importance of a rapid response to and resolution of any issues that you encounter. Our team will aim to resolve your issue immediately over the phone.

Standard Support is provided by e-mail for day-to-day questions and issues for Business solution customers. We will aim to respond to your query within 2 hours and resolve it within 8 hours. Exceptionally, where you need urgent assistance for an emergency notification and you are experiencing difficulties, all users can call our Emergency Live Operator phone line and a representative will assist you in sending a broadcast notification.

Premium Support is provided by e-mail or by telephone for day-to-day questions and issues for Enterprise solution customers. We will aim to respond to your query within 2 hours and resolve it within 4 hours. In addition to the support options noted above, we also offer a Concierge Service. This includes proactive assistance in helping you to get the most out of your Crises Control service.

What do I do when I need support?
What quality standards do we adhere to?
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