With our Scheduler, you can schedule ‘Incident’ or any ‘Ping' to run at a time that is most convenient for you. Crises Control makes it easy for business units to setup their incidents and a testing regime, building a resilient a organisation with people that are always prepared (supporting BS20331 standards).

Scheduled jobs run in the background, and it starts each task that you schedule at the time that you specify when you create the task. You can schedule tests and simulations at any time that suits, day or night. Every simulation collects data about each step and each person in the response team, which is presented in easy to understand UI against set KPIs.




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Crises Control

We are very pleased to have the Crises Control Service, a quicker notification time allows maximum time for proper preparations, which minimizes life safety concerns and mitigates impact to our bottom line.
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson