Business Resilience

"Business resilience is the ability an organisation has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity."

Resilience requires better organisation and alignment of awareness, a communication platform and early warning across all functions of a business to prevent disruptive events thwarting commercial opportunity.

Bad things will still happen, despite measures to prevent them. However, resilient companies will ensure that they are detected and recognised quickly, and effectively addressed by leveraging new technology and relevant expertise - both internal and external.

Risk readiness and responsiveness will actively create valuable space and free up leadership to focus on growth. But reaching for the stars without exposing oneself to a range of potentially catastrophic risks is one of the primary managerial challenges of these strange times.

Business Resilience

Crises Control and Resilience First join together to promote business resilience building

Crises Control, the award-winning mass notification platform designed for business continuity, has teamed up with Resilience First, the leading UK initiative to improve urban resilience for business communities, to launch a series of webinars and podcasts to raise awareness of resilience. The series of webinars and podcasts will be hosted by Crises Control and will feature subject matter experts from within the Resilience First network sharing their learning and expertise.

Resilience First in collaboration with Crises Control
Incident Management

Incident Management

We can help companies that are looking at what is needed to better identify and manage all kinds of risks - strategic, IT, operational, financial, compliance or reporting.

Effective Incident management plans are vitally important to assist the response teams execute critical tasks for a faster recovery.


Crises Control for the Resilient Organisations

In today’s high velocity digital world Alerting people of unplanned incidents is key for any organisation to stay on top of daily or emergency events.

"Controlling the narrative is of top importance".

Resilient businesses adapt and bounce back when things don't go as planned. Crises Control provide the platform to plan, launch, communicate, support and monitor incidents to completion.

Alerts and Notification

Use our Task Manager to allocate tasks to IT support, track progress to completion or escalate. Use our automated auditing for later review.

Incident Management

In case of a critical incident such as a cyber attack, telecoms or, power outage. CIOs can inform response teams and other stakeholders and track their progress until the issue is resolved.

Business Continuity

Integrate with over 200 applications, using the trigger alert function. Integrations include ticketing systems, server monitoring and anti-virus software.

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