Stop missing critical alerts

Missing a critical alert is going to impact the speed of resolution and ultimately your service level. The quicker you can notify your responders (and other stakeholders), the quicker they can begin to resolve the issue and get back up and running again.

When a critical IT incident happens, time is money. Research shows that the cost of unplanned outage at a datacentre is over £5000 per minute.

Crises Control gives the IT department new tools needed for faster recovery. Faster alerting, quicker remediation and complete incident lifecycle data for review and improvement.

IT Alert
Getting information out to responders faster

Getting information out to responders faster

Crises Control will automatically alert all the responders by one or multiple channels until they acknowledge when a critical incident starts. It will escalate the alert to the responders until acknowledged and get the message across. Once acknowledged, the responders are part of the "war room" and connected to the virtual "command and control". Our communication platform will remain up 24x7x365 even if your communication systems are down. With just one click, responders can create a conference call bridge.

Faster Incident resolution

Most organisations have remediation plans, but if they are paper-based they are often inaccessible, difficult to understand and out of date.  Crises Control Plan Builder and Task Manager offer the perfect alternative to paper-based plans. The Task Manager is the perfect complement to high velocity alerts.  Organisations can create integrated remediation plans with workflow, task assignees, time based escalation and associated digital assets. In the event of an incident responders are automatically assigned tasks with step by step resolution plans, each step is tracked and all response activities recorded for continual improvement. The all-time information is disseminated to other stakeholders that need to know what’s going on.

Faster Incident resolution
Keep stakeholders informed

Keep stakeholders informed

There are many stakeholders that need to be kept informed in a critical incident; Director, Customers, Remediation operatives (responders), Incident managers, Legal, Compliance, Supply Chain partners and numerous third-parties. The biggest opportunity to reduce the length of outage and associated cost is to optimise the incident communication and keep everyone informed in real-time.
People work with you when they know you are actively engaged.

Gain insights into your team’s response and performance

Communication about decisions made, actions taken, digital assets used and messages exchanged flow fluidly between the command centre and remote operatives keeping track of all conversations for compliance and post-mortems. 

IT Alert
IT Alert

21st Century IT Alerting systems

Crises Control will enable you to gain full visibility and control of your resolution efforts by:

  • Enabling you to plan your incident management and resolution.
  • Create step by step remediation tasks with workflow for responders.
  • Distributing tasks to users based on their availability, roles and locations.
  • Provide a conference bridge between people with one click.
  • Capture all communications throughout the lifecycle of the event.
  • Review resolution activity for continuous improvement.

Crises Control provides a robust, high security data protected platform for organisations to raise the service delivery standards with faster engagement with your responders.


Crises Control for the IT Department

IT alerting is key for any organisation to stay on top of daily or emergency events. In today's digital world, the IT department holds strategic assets and actually runs the operations. Their ability to stay operational is of top importance to stay afloat. Crises Control gives you the tools to plan, launch and monitor alerts and tasks to completion.

Service Desk Task Tracking

Use our Task Manager to allocate tasks to IT support, track progress to completion or escalate. Use our automated auditing for later review.

Critical Incidents

In case of a critical incident such as a cyber attack, telecoms or, power outage. CIOs can inform response teams and other stakeholders and track their progress until the issue is resolved.

Full Integration

Integrate with over 200 applications, using the trigger alert function. Integrations include ticketing systems, server monitoring and anti-virus software.

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