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SOS Emergency Notification

sos mCrises Control’s SOS emergency notification feature provides a one click call for help via the mobile App.  Organisations can alert their rapid response teams and track the geolocation of the subject in an emergency. This feature can save lives - it will alert the right people at a specific disastrous situations even when your actions are severely limited or reactions needed are time sensitive.

The feature also has additional options including:

  • Track me during an incident
  • Track me during travel
  • Silent push notification

Administrators can set the parameters for these options using their portal dashboard, as well as choosing message response options and emergency message options.

These SOS emergency feature provides a one-to-one support for employees during critical incidents such as terror attacks, dangerous situation, or when help is required. The SOS button has a number of leading edge features which, taken together, keep Crises Control at the front of the field as a best-in-class emergency notification solution.


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Crises Control

We are very pleased to have the Crises Control Service, a quicker notification time allows maximum time for proper preparations, which minimizes life safety concerns and mitigates impact to our bottom line.
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson