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Task Manager Module

Our new Task Manager Module results from existing customer feedback and our ongoing development programme. This module provides a valuable addition to your existing incident management functions that comes into its own once you have launched an incident, allowing you to create, delegate and track multiple incident tasks lists.

You can use the Task Manager Module to create a task or action list that accompanies the incident. This task list will be specific to the incident you are creating and specifically matched to the response team members selected.

The Task Manager Module provides a number of valuable functions to help you respond to an incident, allocate tasks and track when tasks have been completed. This will facilitate a quicker return to business as usual, saving you time and money, and will also provide a valuable audit trail for post-incident review and root cause analysis.

The functions provided in the Task Manager Module include:

  • Creation of task lists in advance or during a real time incident
  • Allocation of each task to a task owner or group, plus an alternative owner
  • Setting of timeline KPIs for when tasks must be accepted and also completed
  • Escalation process if first task owner does not accept within KPI
  • Delegation option for first task owner
  • Workflow option to set predecessors before a task can be completed
  • Tracking of task completions
  • Post-incident audit trail with complete timelines 


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