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That Day

The only thing harder than planning for an emergency, is explaining why you didn't when "That Day" comes...

Optimism Bias - "It won't happen to me"

SME understand the importance of contingency and community planning but lack resources, to them is it important but not urgent. They take more chances. Optimism bias isn't necessarily a bad thing but we can make better decisions and avoid potential mistakes by being aware. Click here for a demo or contact us.

Communication when you need it most

Crises Control is the perfect tool to deliver your business continuity plans to the right teams instantly through the mobile app or web portal. Deliver your message through various means: SMS, call, push notification. We reduce your 'Alert-to-Response' time to seconds and provide a simple and rich experience when using our Mobile App.
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What Does Crises Control Do

Circes Control is a new generation of simple to use App centric solution that all businesses need for their Business Continuity planning and execution. Available 24/7 the Crises Control cloud-hosted communication platform allows you to notify your staff, suppliers and even customers if you wish, across multiple channels: SMS, Call, App, Web and Email. It is also the perfect tool to deliver your business continuity plans to the right teams instantly wherever they are in the world. Click here for a demo or contact us.

5 Compelling reasons to choose Crises Control

We lay out 5 compelling reason for having an effective Incident management and business continuity too. Crises Control's ROI is just one Incident, the money saved in time to respond improvement will pay for the subscription.
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Task Manager in Crises Control

Our Task Manager module manage activities in response to incidents or disruptions more efficiently and more effectively from your mobile device. You can set Recovery Time Objectives, pre-assign task in advance, trigger them when a critical event occurs, track completion and get notified, until all services are restored. Click here for a demo or contact us.

Business Continuity Challenges

Crises Control addresses the absurdities built in to the old fashioned business continuity planning methodology. From a generational point of view, we are in the middle of a battle between those in their 20's (Generation Y), and those who are over 40 (Generation X). In the world of business, those in charge of BCM policy (usually Gen X) and those who are responsible for incident resolution (usually Gen Y) use different media channels. Gen X relies on paper, email and text message to communicate and Gen Y uses social media and mobile apps such as YouTube, Twitter or WhatsApp. So the two don't meet! This means information is often being sent out in the wrong way, which costs money, is inefficient and misses the chance for vital engagement with the people on whom the response depends. Disengagement is a real issue and it is costing institutions and businesses millions. Click here for a demo or contact us.

Crises Control for the Healthcare sector

Crises Control can equip healthcare providers with the integrated communications platform needed to reach out to their response teams and stakeholders, handle the emergency and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2018

Crises Control win the category of Cloud DR and Continuity Product of the Year in the prestigious Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2018.

CIR Awards 2017

Crises Control and ThreatSpike win the category of Cyber Security & Crisis Management Partnership of the Year in the prestigious CIR Risk Management Awards 2017.

CIR Awards 2016

Crises Control voted Most Innovative Product of the Year by CIR Magazine, at Business Continuity Awards 2016, sponsored by IBM.

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