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More than half a million small businesses in the UK alone have been forced to halt trading due to business disruptions such as a power outage, loss of internet or severe weather in the last two years. 

Keep your business safe from regulatory fines -Dowload the White Paper 

Crises Control is a NEW tool for small businesses that can help you to communicate with your employees, customers and suppliers when a business crisis strikes, establish a virtual command and control and swiftly manage the return to business as usual. It is easy to use and quick to set up with easy to follow videos and setup tutorials. It is aimed at SMEs with up to a maximum of 500 users.

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£49.99 + VAT per month


As the owner or director of a small business, what keeps you awake at night?

Perhaps it is the thought of a cyber attack, system hack or an event such as a power outage  which shuts down your operation. Maybe it is GDPR and the threat of a regulatory fine that could shut your business down for good.

Our App will manage any of these incidents and hundreds more from "launch" to "closure".  When an incident occurs it will alert your people within seconds, provide them with the procedures/policies they need to follow for that incident and track every activity. 

How about knowing that critical "tasks" can be assigned and completed on time to avoid compliance breaches,  for example to notify the regulator about a data breach, log your actions for audit purposes and avoid the possibility of a huge regulatory fine?

Incident alerting  plus virtual command & control

Business Continuity and Incident Management Systems have in the past only been affordable by bigger business enterprises. Crises Control changes the landscape, it disrupts the old model and levels the playing field. Any size of business can now use our award winning App and Portal to manage their operations worldwide to protect their people, manage business disruption incidents like fire, flood, storm, denial of access and cyber attacks form the award winning App and Portal.  Learn more

All our customers benefit from incident alerting and notification functions, including:


Manage tasks, create policy documents and SOPs

Our unique, award winning, iSOP Wizard will help you to create incident specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), it's so easy! This can help to produce business continuity plans, or any other process document, enabling you to satify the ever growing number of regulations put on business. Increasingly having a credible Business Continuity Managment System is a prerequisite for obtaining bank loans, qualifying for procurement bids and meeting insurance compliance requirements.

The Task Manager Module will allow you to create, delegate and track incident tasks to help you manage your crisis event. You can be confident about important tasks being done when they need to be and by the persons assigned to them.  Our highly visual real time incident  timeline makes tracking the progress of an incident and associated tasks easy and provides a comprehensive audit log for post-incident review

Killer support

Our mission is to provide an "awesome" product with "killer support".

Our Standard Support Service, included at no extra cost, provides you with 24/7/365 support. We aim to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible, within minutes and not hours. Where you need urgent assistance with an emergency notification, you can call our Emergency Live Operator phone line and a representative will assist you with whatever you need.

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£49.99 + VAT per month


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