Communications for Security and Safety Teams

Don't let communication breakdowns compromise security and safety, stay connected and informed in real-time with our advanced security and safety communication software. Enhance your Communications for Security and Safety Teams

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Communications for Security and Safety Teams

How quickly can communications for security and safety teams help boost your resilience?

Crises events put strain on your security teams as they mobilise to respond to the incident and avoid loss of life and business. The extreme conditions created by a security event may require a different approach to communications. Flawless communications are the backbone of any crisis response, so how can you ensure that your security teams have access to the communications teams they need?

Crises Control’s reliable, government grade mass communication solution helps security and incident response teams spring into action when a crisis occurs. The incident manager enables clear workflows and plans for the response. All notifications are tracked and recorded for post event review and improvement. 

Enhance Communications for Security and Safety Teams with Crises Control!

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Communications for Security and Safety Teams - The Benefits

  • Quick, reliable messaging – the faster the team receive the alert, the faster they can mobilise.
  • Incident manager with specific action plans help you respond more effectively to any emergency.
  • Task manager sets workflows and tasks for during an incident.
  • Progress against tasks is tracked.
  • Full reports of every alert, message, task, and action during an incident enables security teams to improve processes for future events.


About Crisis Management System

Crises Control's software can help manage a wide range of security and safety issues, such as workplace violence, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks, and more.

Yes, Crises Control's software is highly customisable and can be tailored to fit your organisation's specific security and safety needs. You can configure different incident types and responses, as well as customise the alerting and notification settings.

Messages can be cascaded with time gaps between channels to avoid spamming users and optimise reach and cost control.

The software provides a central platform for incident reporting, response, and management. It enables real-time communication and collaboration between responders, as well as tracking and monitoring of incidents to ensure timely and effective resolution.

Yes, the software can be used to conduct security and safety drills or exercises. You can create simulated incidents and scenarios, as well as track and evaluate performance to improve your organization's readiness and response.

Yes, the software can integrate with other security and safety tools or platforms your organisation already uses. The software has a flexible API that allows for seamless integration with other systems, such as access control, CCTV, and more. Please contact us for custom integrations.

Quick, safe, secure responses for any incident

Mass alerts, quick responses, and reliable audit trails

With Crises Control, any employee can sound the alert for a critical event, triggering the incident response team. The incident manager sends action plans, and records all activity, managing the incident in real time.

Locating and Assisting Users

Track users and the messages they have received and acknowledged. Call back options for distressed users.

Workflow Automation

Automate your response team’s actions and tasks according to safety procedures. Get back on track as soon as possible.

Multichannel Notifications

Get instant notifications via email, SMS, push or voice message to any device worldwide. Use the GPS location finder to track team members and monitor events.