Incident response planning made easy

The threat landscape is growing, including threats from weather events, terror attacks, cyber attacks, and even a global pandemic. Business continuity planning or contingency plans are essential for ensuring that when a crisis hits you are able to handle it.

Incident management plans are vital for every organisation, no matter what size you are. In addition, regulatory requirements such as the GDPR require all companies in Europe to have continuity plans in place.

The Crises Control incident plan builder module will help you plan, prepare, and respond to the events that threaten your business operations and continuity. It will take you step by step through the process of building plans for every type of incident, no prior experience needed.

Response plans can then be linked with incidents, tasks and actions in the Crises Control platform, ready for when you need them.

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Plan Builder

Create business continuity plans with the incident plan builder

Step by step planning

Easy to follow plans take you through every stage of the planning process to create actionable, relevant plans for any crisis.

Plan library

Store incident management plans on the Crises Control platform, and access them whenever a crisis hits, 24/7.

Prepare for an incident

Connect incident management plans to the Crises Control mass communication platform and automate alerts to the relevant people for each incident.

Benefits of Crises Control incident plan builder

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It’s time to start planning

Protect your business, plan, do, check, act

Begin your resilience journey with the incident plan builder. Easy step by step wizard supports you to create effective critical incident and continuity plans.

Easy to update

Access and improve resilience plans as experience shows what works in a crisis.

Secure storage

Store plans securely, ready to spring into action when the alarm sounds.