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Simple, Smooth Implementation

Implementing new software isn’t easy, and it’s difficult to know just how much stress different people will feel during the process.

Bottom line? Early adoption is a vital part of every successful software rollout.

Creating a shared understanding and clear expectations early on will help your Administrators, Key Holders and Basic Users (often employees) feel more at ease during the transition and ensure that your new software will become an integral part of your company’s emergency management processes.

At Crises Control, our implementation teams will take you through a proven set of project tasks and help manage the implementation project for you. Our Crises Control experts will:

  • Show you how to set up your account
  • Show you how to add your users (contacts)
  • Train your Administrators on how to use the Web Portal and App
  • Train your Key Holders on how to use the Web Portal and App
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing
  • Run through settings in the Crises Control Global Configuration 
  • Additional Options: How to convert operational procedures, simplify & modernise your incident management plans and support you with API integrations to your Microsoft Active Directory or source data 

Experience seamless implementation services with tailored plans, smooth migrations, engaging training, 24/7 support, ensuring that your team have the knowledge and confidence to tackle any crisis quickly and efficiently, reducing the risks to your organisation.


Implementation Services

What we offer

On-site Implementation

To make it as convenient and time efficient as possible for your team, we come to you to deliver a set of immersive workshops centred on client-led testing and incident simulations, ensuring your team is fully engaged and leaving them with an in-depth understanding of Crises Control allowing them to use it to maximum effect when the occasion arises.

Virtual Implementation

We provide a series of online training sessions delivered by our team of experienced trainers where you will learn how to use Crises Control to manage your crises. Our team supports you with API Integrations and the conversion of your procedures to make your transition to Crises Control as simple as possible.


Teach yourself to use Crises Control with our step-by-step training manuals and easy-to-understand training videos, which provide you with detailed information on how to use each module and extension.

Implementation Services

Support Assistance

Support Assistance refers to a support system where experienced experts collaborate with your team during exercises, drills, and live events, particularly in scenarios where resources are limited.

This collaborative approach aims to enhance your team’s skills and capabilities, providing valuable support and guidance to ensure the successful execution of various activities.

The primary goal of Support Assistance is to augment your team’s proficiency, especially in situations that involve complex and challenging tasks such as running “crisis war games” and simulations. In these instances, having seasoned experts on board can significantly contribute to the effectiveness of the exercise.