Emergency PING Mass Notification System – Alert Everyone in Seconds with PING

Efficiently alert everyone in seconds at scale with our Mass Notification System - PING, get the message out fast and ensure rapid response and recovery

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Ping Mass Notification

Fast and Effective PING Mass Notification

In times of crisis, every second counts. The PING Mass Notification System by Crises Control enables you to send alerts quickly and efficiently to your emergency response team, employees, and other stakeholders. With multi-channel messaging options, PING ensures that your message reaches everyone, everywhere, and at any time.

Our cloud-based mass notification platform is designed to handle all your mass communication needs. PING mass notification is secure, private, and compliant with data protection regulations such as GDPR. It allows you to communicate with your team outside of crisis situations, ensuring that you are always ready to handle any emergency.

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Benefits of our Mass Notification System

Sound the Alarm Fast

Whether you need to notify one large group, several teams, or lots of individuals, do so with the touch of a button. Messages will be sent and delivered in seconds, with real-time response reports.


Crises Control is a cloud based solution protected by enterprise grade security to ensure that the messages you send within your organisation are safe, and that information can’t be leaked when you least need it.

Always On

Crises Control is cloud based, and acts independently to your IT infrastructure to remain operational even when everything else isn’t.

Plan Ahead

Preload messages, instructions, or other media ready to send when you need them. In the heat of a crisis, pre-planned messages will be agreed, correct, calm, and secure, helping your users stay the same way.

Interactive Dashboard

The interactive dashboard provides a clear view of communications in progress, message timelines, and recipient responses.

Multiple Channels

Crises Control can send messages by up to five channels: SMS, email, push message, interactive voice response (IVR) call, and web alert. Choose the channel (or channels) that will most likely reach your target audience.

mass notifications

Multiple messaging channels

PING mass notification is a powerful, dedicated messenger, designed for multi-channel messaging, group management, and auditability for compliance purposes.

Send messages via five channels

PING mass notification security and data protection

PING mass notification is a secure, private messaging channel within your organisation. It can be used for sending secure messages between people in your organisation outside of crisis situations.

Messages are SSL encrypted (256bit) in transit between devices. Images and videos sent in encrypted messages are sent as link messages rather than actual images. The link leads the receiver to the Crises Control secure cloud, preserving their security.

By sending images and videos as links Crises Control complies with data protection regulations such as GDPR, which require that PII is protected from unauthorised distribution.

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Crises Control Desktop App

Crises Control Windows desktop app

Download the Crises Control Windows desktop app for notifications direct to your computer. Notifications will appear on the screen even if the app is not open on the computer.

Crises Control conference calls

Some decisions are best made with everyone in the same room. When you are in the middle of a crisis, and your decision makers are all in different places, bring everyone together by conference call.

Benefits of Crises Control conference calling

conference calls

Integrate social media communications

Social media is an important channel for communicating with the wider public during an emergency. Integrate your public messages with your other messaging channels via Crises Control. Connect your social media accounts to Crises Control, and send out public messages with the press of a button.

Get the right message out to the public as quickly as possible with Crises Control.

More efficient emergency communications


A Mass Notification System is an essential tool for any organization that needs to communicate with a large number of people quickly and efficiently. It allows businesses to notify their employees, stakeholders, and emergency response teams about critical events in real-time. With the PING Mass Notification System, you can send alerts across multiple channels, including SMS, email, voice, and push notifications. This ensures that you can reach everyone, no matter where they are, and get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Ping is used to send messages between people in your organisation. Think of it as your own private and secure “WhatsApp” but much more powerful. It allows you to send short emergency alerts to your users through multiple communication channels (email, SMS, phone call, push and desktop notifications). 2-way communication is supported and real-time acknowledgement data is collected.

In order to comply with GDPR rules requiring PII to be protected from unauthorized or unconsented distribution, messages are encrypted before they are transmitted from device to device. Photos and videos sent via Ping are not sent directly to the message receiver so that they are not downloaded to their device, but kept in our cloud. They are accessed via the link sent to the message receiver.

Photos and videos can be sent in messages. In order to comply with GDPR rules requiring PII to be protected from unauthorized or unconsented distribution, photos and videos are sent to the user as a link to a secure space on the Crises Control cloud.

Yes, you can reply to any person or combination of people, groups, and locations that you have rights to.

Ping messages have a length limit of 250 characters.

All messages in transit are SSL encrypted (256bit).

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.

When a photo or video is sent to you from another user, you do not receive the photo or video with the message, you receive a link to the Crises Control cloud where you can view it.

Ping messages can be sent through up to five communication channels: SMS, push notification, email, voice call, or desktop notification.

You can choose which channel or channels will reach more of users. The more channels you use the greater the certainty that your message will be received by the recipient.  

The system allows you to configure priority and severity settings for any configuration of channels.

Messages can be cascaded with time gaps between channels to avoid spamming users, and to optimise reach and cost control.

The Crises Control app and the web portal both display the people who have acknowledged the message, or those who have yet to see it in real time.

All messages sent are logged on the Message Delivery Report, where you can view how many messages were sent, which were successful and which failed. You can download the failed report for information on why the message did not get through.

Yes, you can set up multiple choice response options. This information is collected and can be viewed on the web portal or mobile app.

Yes, our communication network is very extensive and covers most of the world.

Communication services may be partially blocked in countries such as China for geopolitical reasons.

Yes, a Ping message can be scheduled to go out at a certain time in the future. They can be sent out once or set to go out repeatedly, such as daily or weekly.

Yes, external systems can be configured to send emails to Crises Control which will trigger an alert.

Ensure messages reach their target

Take control of any crisis with the Crises Control mass notifications system

Get the message out to response teams, employees, and even the public quickly and effectively, saving time, money, and even lives.

IT Alerting

Keep communications open even when your IT infrastructure is down, and improve incident management.

Public Alerting

Notify large or small groups of people outside your organisation in an emergency.

Team Communications

Secure, reliable group messaging, with no size limits, acknowledgements and reports.