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Effective Business Communication Software, simplified

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is crucial. Whether it’s sharing important updates, introducing new policies, or conducting workplace health checks, it’s essential to make sure your employees receive and acknowledge important messages. The challenge is to send these messages quickly and securely to a large number of employees, no matter where they are located.

That’s where Crises Control comes in. Our business communication software is designed to help organisations simplify the process of sending mass notifications. With just a few clicks, you can send messages to an unlimited number of employees through one or more channels, such as phonecalls (IVR), email, SMS, and push notifications.

Crises Control records who has seen the message and who hasn’t, making it easy to follow up with individual employees. Our business communication software also allows you to group users based on specific criteria, ensuring that the right message is sent to the right people. Our secure messaging service ensures that sensitive information stays protected.

From urgent, last-minute notifications to common business events, Crises Control’s business communication software keeps your teams informed and connected at all times.

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Streamline your internal communications with Crises Control's Business Communication Software

When it comes to internal communications, you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This can be especially challenging for businesses with multiple locations or remote employees. Business communication software helps to streamline your internal communications, ensuring that all employees receive important messages in a timely and efficient manner.

With Crises Control’s business communication software, you can create custom message templates, store important files and information, and manage responses all in one platform. This not only saves time, but also reduces the chance of miscommunication, which is especially important in a crisis situation.

In addition, you can also use our business communication software to automate certain processes, such as sending regular check-in messages to employees, or sending out reminders for important events or deadlines. This way, you can focus on more important tasks, knowing that your internal communications are being taken care of.

Improve workplace daily communications with Crises Control

HR Communications

Help HR look after your people with an easy way to send wellness checks, support for remote workers, or even relevant news. Keep employees up to date with policy changes, and make sure they are aware of any new developments whether they are in the office or not.

Business Operations Communications

Efficiently inform employees about office closures, road closures, or other logistics changes that can take place from one moment to the next and impact operations. Notify employees in advance of scheduled maintenance or emergency drills.

IT Communications

IT systems are vital to any organisation’s operations. Use Crises Control to communicate with employees about planned downtime, security breaches, outages, threats and more and ensure they get the message. As Crises Control doesn’t run on the IT system, all messages will get through even when the IT is down.


Benefits of Crises Control's Business Communication Software


The business communication software feature of Crises Control is a tool that allows organisations to stay connected with their employees on a daily basis. It enables organisations to send important news, updates, and messages to employees, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

The business communication software feature works by allowing organisations to create and schedule messages in advance. These messages can be sent to employees via email, SMS, or push notification through the Crises Control mobile app. The feature also provides real-time analytics and reporting, enabling organisations to track the effectiveness of their communication efforts.

Messages can be cascaded with time gaps between channels to avoid spamming users and optimise reach and cost control.

Yes, the Daily Communications feature allows organisations to fully customise the messages that they send to their employees. This includes the ability to add logos, images, and other branding elements to the messages. Organisations can also tailor their messages to specific groups or individuals within the organisation

Yes, the business communication software feature is secure. Crises Control uses industry-standard encryption and security measures to ensure that all messages and data are protected.

The business communication software feature can help improve employee engagement by keeping employees informed and up-to-date on important news and updates within the organisation. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and a sense of belonging. Additionally, the feature allows employees to provide feedback and engage in two-way communication with the organisation, creating a more collaborative and connected work environment.

The business communication software feature supports crisis management efforts by allowing organizations to maintain regular communication with employees before, during, and after a crisis event. This helps to ensure that employees are informed and prepared to respond appropriately in a crisis situation. Additionally, the feature can be used to provide real-time updates and instructions to employees during a crisis event.

Fast, simple, secure messaging on multiple channels

Mass notifications for daily communications and emergency events

Use Crises Control for daily communications and ensure that people receive important non-emergency messages at the right time. Communicate with employees via SMS, email, IVR call or push messages to ensure the best way of getting information to them.

PING Messaging

PING messages notify users of any event or update via SMS, IVR, push message, or email.

Scale and Segment

Reach an unlimited number of people with one mass message, or send alerts based on roles, locations, or teams.

Tracking and Acknowledgement

Crises Control can track every message sent between users, including message acknowledgements.