How do you alert the public to an emergency situation?

Governments, local authorities, public agencies, and emergency services all have a responsibility for the safety of the public in areas under their control. Effective, timely public alerts will save lives during a crisis.

Crises Control enables limitless, timely alerts for both routine events and unusual circumstances. Messages can be planned in advance, or created and sent out in minutes, as you respond to emergency events such as a pandemic, building evacuations, terrorist attacks, or severe weather conditions.

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Public Alert
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Alerting the public to emergencies and events

The Crises Control public alerting feature allows organisations to notify large numbers of people quickly and efficiently over SMS and email.

Crises Control’s public alerting feature has never been more relevant. As critical events such as the Covid-19 pandemic have shown, it’s best to be prepared for any emergency, as one could come along at any time.

How can public alerting be used?

How do our customers use public alerting?

Each example highlights how a secure, public alerting and communications system provides benefits for public agencies.

office alert

Checking in with employees during Covid-19

Some organisations use public alerts to carry out a daily health check with their remote workforce. The data from responses is used to assign a red, amber, green (RAG) rating to key organisational indicators such as: operational status, emergency resilience, supply chain resilience, operational security, and environmental safety every day.

Tenants Alert

Informing tenants of unplanned events

A Housing Association uses public alerting to notify residents when unplanned incidents occur, such as gas or power outages, which could impact access or operational efficiency. Public alerts enable two-way, secure communications with tenants and responders to improve services.

Hotel guest alert

Ensuring guest safety in hotels

A hotel uses public alerts to alert guests about incidents within the hotel such as suspected bomb or terror attacks, fires, or other incidents that result in access restrictions from police or local authorities.

The benefits of Crises Control public alerting

Public alert

Real-time, easy to use public alerting

Keep citizens informed during any event

Public alerting made simple. Crises Control enables you to create emergency plans that ensure that everyone is well informed via SMS, voice messaging, push messaging, and email. Messaging records provide information about who was notified, when, and what happened next, suitable for post event analysis and learning.

PING messaging

Send public alerts using PING. Send pre-prepared messages with clear instructions for citizens and visitors alike.

Geo-located messaging

Send emergency messages to members of the public based on their location only. No registration needed.

Planned alerts

Use the plan builder to create emergency plans and assign roles and locations of responsibility, so that you are prepared when an emergency comes.