SOS Panic Button APP - Quickly Alert Your Emergency Response Team

Effortlessly trigger an emergency response with our user-friendly SOS emergency panic button APP and quickly alert your emergency response team

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SOS Panic Button

Emergency Alert at Your Fingertips with Panic Button APP

The Panic Button APP from Crises Control is an essential tool for keeping your employees safe in case of any emergency. Whether your employees are on site or off-site, Panic Button is always available, giving them the ability to alert the emergency response team at the touch of a button.

With the Panic Button APP, employees can instantly alert the emergency response team if they are in danger or need immediate assistance. This is especially important during a crisis situation such as a terror attack, natural disaster, or any other situation where immediate action is required.

It is easy to use and can be activated with a single touch. Once activated, the emergency response team is automatically notified, and they can quickly deploy to the location of the user who activated the panic button.

Emergency Alert
Panic Button APP

Features of the Panic Button APP

Some of the key features of the Panic Button APP include GPS tracking, real-time updates, and automatic notifications to the emergency response team. In addition, the Panic Button APP is easy to use, and it can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

The Panic Button APP is also secure and reliable, with SSL encryption for all communications and data. This ensures that all alerts and messages are kept confidential and secure at all times.

Track me

A safety feature providing support for occasions when an employee’s personal safety could be at risk.

Silent push notifications

Another safety feature where pushing the button is entirely silent for incidents where an alert noise could exacerbate the incident.

Activating the SOS panic button

  • 1
    Press the button inside the Crises Control app
  • 2
    Choose preferred call back method (call, text, both)
  • 3
    Tap OK to send the SOS alert

Benefits of the SOS panic button


The SOS Panic Button is a mobile application that allows users to send instant alerts and notifications to designated emergency contacts in case of an emergency. Crises Control offers a Panic Button on its App.

The user simply needs to press the panic button on their mobile device, and the app sends an immediate alert to designated emergency contacts, including location information.

The SOS Panic Button allows for quick and easy communication during emergencies, enabling faster response times from designated emergency contacts. It also provides peace of mind for users knowing that help is just a button away.

Yes, the app can be used globally, and location information is available for international emergency contacts.

Ensure the safety of employees wherever they are

Launching the SOS panic button will initiate an emergency rescue mission for the user who presses it. Wherever they are, your defined rapid response process will kick into play.

PING Messaging

Use the PING message function to alert employees of a critical incident via SMS, or push messaging, and require acknowledgement of receipt. The user who presses the button can also define whether they can be contacted by SMS or call by the response team.

Automated Response

Automate the response team’s course of action according to the relevant incident management plan, and assist distressed employees quickly and effectively.

GEO-aware SOS Messages

The SOS panic button allows employees to call for assistance with one touch. GPS tracking leads response teams to them.