Save lives with the emergency panic button

As an employer you have a duty of care for each and every employee when they are at work, whether they are on site, or off site, or out of hours if they are travelling for work. As with any other crisis, a staff emergency can occur at any time.

The SOS emergency panic button inside the Crises Control app, enables any employee to trigger an alert if they are in trouble, for example caught in a terror attack, or trapped during a crisis.

Pressing the SOS emergency panic button alerts the rapid response team, deploying them to the location of the user who activated it.

The SOS emergency panic button is available with the Crises Control Incident Manager module.

Emplyee SOS Alert
SOS panic button

SOS emergency panic button features

Track me

A safety feature providing support for occasions when an employee’s personal safety could be at risk.

Silent push notifications

Another safety feature where pushing the button is entirely silent for incidents where an alert noise could exacerbate the incident.

Activating the SOS panic button

  • 1
    Press the button inside the Crises Control app
  • 2
    Choose preferred call back method (call, text, both)
  • 3
    Tap OK to send the SOS alert

Benefits of the SOS panic button

Ensure the safety of employees wherever they are

Launching the SOS panic button will initiate an emergency rescue mission for the user who presses it. Wherever they are, your defined rapid response process will kick into play.

Automated Response

Automate the response team's course of action according to the relevant incident management plan, and assist distressed employees quickly and effectively.

GEO-aware SOS Messages

The SOS panic button allows employees to call for assistance with one touch. GPS tracking leads response teams to them.