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Be Prepared for Crises with Business Continuity Management Software

Business continuity and resilience are vital for ensuring uninterrupted operations, protecting people and assets, and preserving brand equity, even during disruptions. ISO 27001 and 90001 accredited organisations must operate, test, and maintain records of actual incidents.

Our solution provides a secure platform for creating and maintaining business continuity plans. With a user-friendly wizard, you can easily create new plans or automate existing ones. Our platform identifies risks, vulnerabilities, and critical processes, enabling the establishment of protocols, procedures, and strategies to mitigate risks and facilitate effective response and recovery.

Our solution streamlines the Business Continuity incident management process, simplifying communication with the response team, task assignment with time KPIs, and escalation workflows. Assigned Incident tasks include clear instructions and checklists for consistent execution, aiding responders in managing crises.

The responders can focus on what’s important – responding to and managing the crisis, whether it’s a natural disaster, denial of access, a cyber-attack, or any other type of Business Continuity crisis, you can be sure that your organisation is well-prepared.

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Business Continuity

Streamline Your Business Continuity and Resilience Planning with Crises Control

Crises Control’s Incident Plan Builder is a lifesaver if you lack suitable BCMPs. It’s an essential, user-friendly tool that helps create comprehensive and effective incident management plans bound to specific incidents.

Plan Management and Review

With Crises Control, you can easily manage and review your incident plans to ensure compliance with international standards such as ISO 27001, 9001, and 22301. Our platform allows you to assign authors to specific plans, schedule plan reviews at regular intervals, and set dates for plan updates.

Enhance operational efficiency and maintain resilience through proactive plan management.

Helps your organisation stay prepared for potential incidents and maintain a high level of resilience.

Automate your Incident plans

With Crises Control, you can take your paper-based incident plans and transform them into automated workflows. Our platform allows you to create comprehensive incident plans, assigning tasks to the appropriate individuals with defined execution time KPIs and escalation steps. Each task can include clear instructions and checklists to ensure consistent and effective execution.

By organising these tasks in a sequence that aligns with your workflow, Crises Control helps you streamline your response and recovery process.

The automation enables you to get back to business as usual more efficiently, minimising downtime and ensuring a faster return to normal operations.

Crises Response made easy with the Incident Management Module on Crises Control

In the heat of a crisis, your crisis response team needs to be able to focus on what needs to be done, not figuring out what comes next. The Crises Control Incident Management Module provides valuable features to help you respond and manage incidents of all sizes. Whether it’s linking tasks from incident plans, creating action plans, checklists, templated messages, or tracking tasks.

With the Crises Control Incident Management Module, you can track all actions, decisions, and timings throughout the incident, using our reports. This makes life easier and give you the ability to constantly improve your plans. 

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Business continuity management is the process of identifying potential threats to a business and implementing measures to ensure that critical business functions can continue in the event of a disruption.

Crises Control's software offers a comprehensive platform for creating and managing business continuity plans, including crisis communication, task management, incident reporting, and real-time data analysis. This helps businesses to quickly and efficiently respond to crisis events and maintain essential operations.

Yes, Crises Control's software is highly customisable, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and requirements.

Yes, Crises Control's software enables businesses to quickly and easily communicate with employees during a crisis event via SMS, email, push notifications, and other channels.

Crises Control's software is designed to handle large-scale crises affecting multiple locations or regions, with features such as mass notification, incident tracking, and real-time data analysis to help businesses respond quickly and efficiently. 

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Crises offers real-time alerting capabilities, which means that alerts can be sent out to employees and stakeholders within seconds of an incident being reported.

Yes, Crises Control's software includes powerful reporting and analytics features that enable businesses to track the effectiveness of their crisis management plans and identify areas for improvement.

Yes, Crises Control is designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of other tools and platforms, including :

Yes, Crises Control solution is GDPR compliant.

Crises Control ensures its policies, processes, and procedures meet GDPR compliance requirements. We monitor GDPR Compliance requirements to ensure that the platform is meet and exceeds the standard. 

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You can create your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) using our step by step SOP wizard to help you. The SOP wizard allows you to create your own bespoke Incident Action Plans (IAP) and link them to an Incident.

The SOP produced can have an assigned owner, version number, review date and review frequency and version control. When complete, these documents are can be stored in the Media Asset Manager where they can be accessed at any time.

[SOP wizard]

iSOP Wizard is an extension of the Incident Manager module. It allows you to create your own bespoke Incident Action Plans (IAP). Each document produced has an owner, version number, review date and review frequency to allow effective version control. When complete, these documents are stored in the Media Asset Manager where they can be accessed at any time.

Business Continuity

Integrate Crises Control with other platforms such as ticketing systems, server monitoring tools, antivirus software, and more to enhance your business continuity functions.

Incident Management

When a crisis hits, use Crises Control to manage tasks, track progress, and keep response teams, employees, and other stakeholders informed, until the incident is over.

Alert Responders to Incidents and Tasks

Use Crises Control to alert response teams to an incident, allocate tasks, and report on progress. Gather performance data using automated auditing and inform post event learning and improvement.