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Are you still using paper-based business continuity plans? How do you store these plans in a ready to distribute way? How do you manage their review cycles? Crises Control can help!

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What is Digital Transformation Services?

Crises Control specialises in digitalising business continuity plans for organisations. This process ensures that everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it when a crisis strikes.

Crises Control will convert traditional business continuity plans into dynamic, actionable steps stored securely in our cloud environment. It breaks down plans into specific tasks with assigned users, escalation paths and KPIs on acceptance and completion. This enables that the organisation to have a clear, coordinated response during a crisis.

Crises Control’s Control Center gives customers a view on the organisation’s overall response and updates in real-time. This gives everyone a Common Operating Picture that allows the organisation to make decisions based on an up-to-date understanding of the situation at hand.

Crises Control enables you to set owners and review cycles on each of your plans. This enables you to have control and full auditability on plan reviews. 

Gone are the days of large PDF documents attached to an email, or a hard copy document stored in your file cabinet only to be reviewed after a crisis has happened. With our Digital Transformation Service, you have your business continuity plans at your fingertips, easily accessible and ready to initiate from anywhere at any time. Crises Control will send relevant parts of the plan to specific users based on their role in your organisation’s response. 

With Crises Control, your organisation can enhance its readiness to respond effectively to crisis events.

Digital transformation software

The Benefits of Digital Transformation Services

Secure Cloud Storage

Business continuity plans are securely stored in the Crises Control cloud, protecting them from physical damage and ensuring easy access.

Actionable Steps and Coordination

Crises Control converts complex plans into clear, actionable tasks with defined responsibilities, ensuring a coordinated response to incidents.

24/7 Accessibility for Continuous Improvement

Access and improve your business continuity plans anytime, ensuring they remain up-to-date and effective.

Time-Saving Expert Integration

Our team builds your plans into the system, eliminating the need for lengthy meetings and simplifying updates through incident tests.

Flexible Incident Launching

Activate plans from any location at any time and target specific recipient groups to ensure a coordinated organisational response.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor tasks in real-time, access immediate reports for internal insurance and legal purposes, and identify areas for improvement.

Crises Control's Digital Transformation Process

Digital Transformation Software

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