How do you make sure your employees read important messages?

Not every important message is an emergency message. Sometimes you just need to send daily communications or important messages and ensure that every employee has read and acknowledged them. We’re talking about important, daily communications such as telling your employees not to come to the office today because of planned (or unplanned) office closures, introducing new policies, or even carrying out workplace health checks during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

These important messages have a lot in common with emergency alerts. You need to get information to a large number of people quickly, you need to know that they have read it, you may want them to acknowledge it. Some messages may be relevant for only part of your organisation, so you want an easy way to group who gets the message. The information sent may be sensitive, so you want a secure messaging service.

Crises Control makes sending mass notifications easy to limitless numbers of users through one or more channels. Messages are delivered to users in seconds, no matter where they are in the world, and the Crises Control platform records who has seen the message, and who has not, enabling follow up with individual employees. You can also set up checklists or other responses for employees to respond to it.

From urgent, last minute notifications, to common business events, your mass notifications system enables you to keep your teams informed and connected at all times.

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Improve workplace daily communications with Crises Control

HR Communications

Help HR look after your people with an easy way to send wellness checks, support for remote workers, or even relevant news. Keep employees up to date with policy changes, and make sure they are aware of any new developments whether they are in the office or not.

Business Operations Communications

Efficiently inform employees about office closures, road closures, or other logistics changes that can take place from one moment to the next and impact operations. Notify employees in advance of scheduled maintenance or emergency drills.

IT Communications

IT systems are vital to any organisation’s operations. Use Crises Control to communicate with employees about planned downtime, security breaches, outages, threats and more and ensure they get the message. As Crises Control doesn’t run on the IT system, all messages will get through even when the IT is down.

Multi Channel

Benefits of Crises Control for alerting employees

Fast, simple, secure messaging on multiple channels

Mass notifications for daily communications and emergency events

Use Crises Control for daily communications and ensure that people receive important non-emergency messages at the right time. Communicate with employees via SMS, email, IVR call or push messages to ensure the best way of getting information to them.

PING Messaging

PING messages notify users of any event or update via SMS, IVR, push message, or email.

Scale and Segment

Reach an unlimited number of people with one mass message, or send alerts based on roles, locations, or teams.

Tracking and Acknowledgement

Crises Control can track every message sent between users, including message acknowledgements.