Crises Control for the Air Cargo Sector

Air Cargo truly has a Global Reach. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we come into contact with items that have been imported or exported.
 From strawberries to tomatoes.
 From medicines to materials.
 From machinery to livestock.
 From vehicles to spare parts.
 From flowers to presents.
 From unique raw materials to controlled dangerous goods.
 From E-commerce which is growing at rapid rates and is linking business with customers directly -from shop to home.

air cargo

But what if something goes wrong or the equilibrium is disrupted?

All companies have heard of the saying - 'fail to plan, plan to fail!'.

Contingency, continuity and risk awareness are all parts of efficient and pro-active business best practice.

Tools to facilitate the management of such disruptions to business as severe weather, security threats, accidents etc. are becoming ever more important.

During such events, organisations, authorities and people must respond rapidly to return to regular operations at the earliest possible time.

The period of time between disruption and normalization can be a huge loss in revenues or reputation so the facilitation of organization, standardisation and practical stepping stones through a structured and disciplined formal 'tool' is of immense value and importance.

Crises Control enables organisations to reliably communicate, update and send tasks to individuals throughout an event whilst allowing a centrally managed approach to recovery. Using real-time dashboards and map-based visualizations, organisations can view a clear status of users, tasks, incidents and notifications. This process and the key stages/steps help keep people safe and also accelerates the return to regular operations - "normalization".

IATA - Airline operators given 15 minutes to issue critical incident communications

The airline top priority is safety and safe operation. In the case of disruption to flight operation the highest priority is the rapid response and immediate launch of appropriate actions to restore operations as soon as possible.

Companies that fail to draw up appropriate alarm and emergency plans in preparation for serious incidents may be risking significant negative impact or may even lose their ability to operate altogether.



Is it time to take a closer look at Crises Control?

Partnering with top cargo and freight vendors, Crises Control has solved major challenges the industry is facing today, from meeting regulation and governance issues to providing operating instructions, clear task management and mass communications that enables a quick response to any event that may affect smooth operations.

Supply Chain Communications

Manage your critical supply chain and stakeholder communications in time of crises, using multi channel notifications. Crises Control gives you full control of the many notifications networks available so you can stay in control.

Reporting and Analytics

Our platform provides real-time dashboards, map-based visualization and ad-hoc reporting to make sure you always know the status of your travelers and your infrastructure.

Workflow Automation

Automate your response team's course of action according to the business continuity plan, quickly resolve any issue to cut expenses and get back on track as soon as possible.

Start using Crises Control today

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