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Manage incident response plans, assign tasks and track progress in real-time.

Stay on top of tasks, ensure seamless task management during critical situations.

Send alerts and updates to employees, stakeholders, and partners globally.

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Crisis Management & Critical Event Management software for every business

  • 1
    Launch your Incident
    Single critical event management platform to manage your scenarios
  • 2
    Track your Incident
    Total critical event management tracking of event, customised to your requirements
  • 3
    Command and Control Center
    Manage compete situation awareness throughout the lifecyle of the event.
  • 4
    Review and make better informed decisions, learn and improve your processes with data.



Response Time Improvement


Recovery Time Improvement


Return on

11-12 months

Powerful Features & Benefits

Emergency Notification

Get everyone on the same page instantly. Notify your team, stakeholders, and customers with real-time SMS, email, calls, mobile app or web alerts. Track who sees it and where they are for ultimate awareness.

Incident Manager

Streamline your incident response with clear communication and real-time tracking. Set priorities for each task, ensuring critical issues are addressed first.

Incident Audit

Ensure your incident response is top-notch by reviewing past incidents, simulating real-world scenarios, consistently meeting your recovery goals, and having access to live data during emergencies.

Fast Business Recovery

Keep your team in the loop instantly! Send critical updates directly to their phones via text, email, call, or the mobile app. Track who’s seen the message and pinpoint their location during an event, making critical situations easier to manage and ensuring a fast recovery.

Improve Your Response

Crises Control automates your emergency procedures, provides instant access SOPs, and deploys quickly to any device, anywhere in the world. With our all-in-one solution, you’ll be prepared to respond to critical events swiftly and effectively.

Evacuation Process

Prepare for a smooth evacuation by creating a plan that assigns roles and spells out clear steps for everyone to follow. Practice these steps through evacuation drills to identify any weaknesses. Track the evacuation process to see what worked well and where improvements can be made.


Crises Control is a comprehensive Critical event management software that helps professionals to plan, prepare, and respond to any emergency or crisis situation, be it natural disasters, cyber attacks, or other disruptions. 

It is used across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and more. It is suitable for any business that exercises a duty of care and meets compliance with International Standards. 

In summary, Crises Control stands out as a leading crisis management software that combines extensive features, ease of use, and exceptional value.

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Crises Control Critical Event Management software operates in the most countries around the world except for China and Russia.  North & South Americas, Europe the Middle East and S Asia are fully supported regions.

Our platform is multilingual, compliant with regional Data Protection Laws, highly flexible and customisable to meet the specific needs and requirements in each region. To ensure data sovereignty, we use local data centres based in the region, so you can be confident that your data is kept within the region.

Furthermore, we have a strong global network of partners who can provide local support and assistance to our clients in these regions including the Middle East.

We are well-equipped to help organisations in the globally to enhance their emergency response capabilities and protect their people, operations, and reputation.

Crises Control's Critical Event Management Platform can significantly improve your emergency response capabilities, leading to faster recovery times by providing you with the best in class Critical Event Management SAAS based platform. Studies have shown a 96% improvement in engaging incident responders and managers. With Crises Control, responders have a two-way communication platform that enables real-time sharing of information, facilitating collaboration and decision-making. Additionally, the software has been shown to lead to an 86% improvement in recovery time, helping organisations to minimize the impact of the crisis and get back to normal operations more quickly.

For most organisations Crises Control becomes an integral part of your ISO 27001, ISO 19001, ISO 22301 and other international standards by  automating key processes around, data protection regulation, Business Continuity, DR, emergency incident management and mass communication. 

Crises Control offers a range of powerful features such as:

  • Mass Notification with fast throughput.
  • Incident Alerting, managing and reporting.
  • Incident library containing 200+ category of incidents that can be tailored.
  • Incident Command Centre with configurable dashboard.
  • Standard Operating Procedures creation wizard.
  • Super easy onboarding process.
  • Single Sign On.
  • Incident Simulation and “Test the Incident on me”.
  • Integration with other business applications.
  • Enables compliance with ISO 27001, 22301, 9001.
  • Incident Audit Trails and data export for root cause analysis.

However, there is a lot more we offer that can hugely improve the operational efficiency of responders in a real emergency.  

We would love to discuss your specific requirements and demonstrate how Crises Control can help your organisation enhance its emergency response capabilities. Please click here to provide us with your contact details, and one of our experts will reach out to you shortly.

At Crises Control, we understand the importance of getting your users onboarded quickly and efficiently. Our implementation service has made this process simple and easy by offering several different ways to onboard users.


One of the most popular methods is through our integration with Active Directory. This process is simple, reliable, and fast. Active Directory administrators can configure and manage the integration agent within their security framework, enabling thousands of users to be onboarded in under an hour. Once users are onboarded, the platform can prompt them to change their password and complete other necessary setup steps.

In addition to Active Directory integration, we also offer other onboarding methods, such as importing users in bulk using CSV or Excel files. Our platform also supports scheduled user data imports and exports, making it easy to keep your user data up-to-date.

Overall, our onboarding process is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can quickly and easily get your users up and running on the Crises Control platform.

Crises Control- Critical Event Management Platform ensures that alerts are delivered to users instantly, in near real-time, our platform has a fast throughput and is designed to provide rapid and reliable alerting, with alerts taking only a few seconds to reach the end user.

Moreover, our platform enables organisations to leverage multiple communication channels, such as SMS, voice calls, emails, push notifications, and even some social media sites, to quickly reach their stakeholders and keep them informed of the situation at hand. This ensures that critical information is disseminated quickly and effectively, allowing responders to take swift and informed action.

Furthermore, our platform can be configured and automated to streamline the alerting process, reducing the time it takes to engage and respond to incidents. This saves precious time and resources, and thus respond to crises more efficiently and effectively.

Crises Control provides its customers with a range of flexible integration choices as standard, without the need for bespoke work.  Our Critical Event Management platform can be easily integrated with other systems and applications, making it an ideal solution for organisations with complex IT environments.

Some of the integration choices we offer include:

  • Active Directory integration
  • Azure Active Directory integration
  • Folder Watcher integration
  • Trigger imports via email, SFT, and SM
  • Import users in bulk (CSV, excel file format)
  • Scheduled user data imports and exports
  • Data import and on-demand
  • Single sign-on integration (Azure and Okta)
  • Open APIs (for developers and accredited partners)

These integration choices provide organizations with greater flexibility, enabling them to seamlessly integrate Crises Control with their existing IT systems and workflows. This, in turn, helps to streamlines onboarding and maintenance of users and automation of Incident launches when triggered by an external systems, for example fire alarm.

Crises Control - Critical Event Management Software has a Public Alerting extension that allows you to send messages to large numbers of contacts. The communication is one-way (recipients receive messages but there is no option for them to respond) and large volumes of messages can be executed rapidly and with ease. Unlike the Ping and Incident Manager, Public Alerting does not require contacts to be saved in the platform as registered Users, making it perfect to alert external stakeholders such as clients, suppliers and the general public.

Yes, you can talk to a representative to help you with any queries or issues you might have any time of the day, 365 days a year. Crises Control offers support via other channels, including email, MS Teams, and live chat.

Top of the "Best Value Index" and "Emotional Footprint" quadrant means our crisis management solution not only offers excellent value for money but also prioritises user satisfaction. Customers can expect a cost-effective and user-friendly emergency notification software that supports their crisis management efforts while ensuring a positive emotional experience for their stakeholders.

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What Our Customers Say


We have been using Crises Control for some months now. We used it for the first time for a real incident to inform staff that telephone lines were all down into our Head Office. The response team were already on site when the incident happened, so we used Crises Control as the method to inform key staff rather than the response team. The response was really good. The Crises Control platform allowed us to get round the phone outage and communicate with our staff very quickly and effectively. The response reporting function also allows us to track who didn't respond and find out why. This is really helpful to learn lessons for future incidents.

Martyn Waller

Higgins Group Services Director


Our priority is to get information out clearly and concisely to our staff and to prompt them to respond quickly. That’s why we find the Ping messageacknowledgment feature extremely powerful. They hit the button and get onwith their lives, we are satisfied, and they are safe. Thanks to its intuitive design, the platform is very easy for administrators andkeyholders to use. It’s very obvious what you have to do. You don’t need long explanations.

Anthony Butler

Senior Manager HR & General Affairs, ITOCHU Europe Plc

incisive media3

Crises Control is a unique application in the field of business continuity, in that it was originally built for in-house use by the company that developed it to support their own clients. This has given the platform an unusually customer-centred focus, built for the needs of the customer rather than the preferences of the company selling it. Since its launch, they have placed a very high value on customer feedback and they have made excellent use of this feedback to continue to develop the solution for the benefits of their customers. For me, Crises Control stands out in a crowded field because it continually strives to provide an easy-to-use, action ready, business disruption solution.

Matt Kennedy

Head of IT Services, Incisive Media

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