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Crises Control takes a simpler and more effective approach to reducing the absurdities built into most business continuity planning - we provide a tool that is made for the job.

Business resilience in a box for SMEs

Are you a small or medium sized business that needs to improve your resilience against business disruption? Reducing your response time will limit the damage caused to your business and your reputation, and save you on the costs of recovery.

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Communication when you need it most

Do you need a robust and multi-channel system communications for critical incident response? Reduce your alert to response time from 60 minutes to under two and save yourself that critical golden hour.

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Duty to keep people safe?

Do you have a duty to keep people safe and notify them in the event of a critical incident? If you are in the process of purchasing an incident notification solution, we have some advice on how to carry out a successful procurement and setup exercise.

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Worried about GDPR and data protection breaches?

Are you worried about the threat posed by data protection breaches and the implementation of the GDPR? Our incident notification solution can help you to avoid fines and other sanctions from regulators following an information security or health and safety breach.

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Crises Control

For me, Crises Control stands out in a crowded field because it continually strives to provide an easy-to-use, action ready, business disruption solution.
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