Building organisational resilience – a guide for business

Building organisational resilience - a guide for business

All businesses must navigate a rapidly changing risk environment characterised by globalisation, disruptive technologies, increasing supply chains, climate change and an accelerating rate of change in markets and society.

This rapid rate of change creates emerging risks which can outpace an organisation’s ability to manage them. Increasingly interdependent networks and infrastructure means that failures and disruptions can rapidly escalate and widen. An organisation’s ability to manage emergent risks, to adapt and to seize opportunities in an uncertain operational environment will be a competitive differentiator.

Each business disruption, major incident or crisis is different. Some you can forecast, predict and prepare for; while others are just impossible to predict. But whatever the cause, you can prepare. After all, the only thing harder than preparing for That Day is explaining why you didn’t when That Day comes.

Crises Control can help your business build reliable and robust response plans that work in practice, using our critical communications capability, incident manager, business continuity plan builder and our online training academy. Crises Control can help you achieve confidence in your ability to communicate when a crisis hits.

To further help business owners and mangers prepare for That Day, Crises Control has put together a whitepaper entitled Business organisational resilience – a guide for business.

This guide covers the most common cause of business disruption, the costs of disruption, which include reduced revenue, lost new business opportunities and lost customers, and an outline of critical actions to mitigate risk.

Free copies of the whitepaper can be downloaded from the Crises Control website.