Release date 3 September 2021

New tooltips on Incident Control Centre

Incident control centre now has question mark tool tip help to guide users on the modules.

Subject line of emails received improved

Email from Crises Control have improved description content in the Subject line. For example, “Crises Control – Ping notification”, “Crises Control – Incident Notification.”

Separating Departments and Groups into two different entities

Departments and Groups have now been separated offering greater flexibility to the user community. New option for Department has been added, if this option in enabled, users can be associated with a department and an alert can be sent to all members of that Department.

Calls and SMS received can now have your contact logo

Calls received by users showed a Crises Control logo (contact logo by default). There is a new option to personalise the contact logo for your company in Setup Company > Contact logo.

Re-join a conference call

New option to re-join a conference call if the user dropped out or if they wish to join at any point whilst the conference call is live.

Cascading plans

New option to create cascading plans. A cascading plan can be selected when sending out an alert via Ping or Incident.