Release date 28 January 2022

Email notifications from [email protected]

All emails from Crises Control will now come from [email protected]

DMS can be used to give the precise location of the Incident

When launching an Incident, the Incident location can be specified using DMS latitude and longitude to provide an accurate location.

Select Key Holders to alert when initiating an Incident requiring two keys

Incidents that require two keys to be launched can be assigned specific Key Holders to launch them. Previously, any Key Holder could launch an Incident from Awaiting Incidents; now alerts will only be sent to assigned Key Holders who will then launch the Incident. This can be enabled or disabled in Settings > Global Configuration > Incident.

Improvements to Incident Simulation

When launching an Incident as a simulation, Users are informed on the phone call that it is an Incident Simulation, as well as on the SMS, push and email alerts. Incidents requiring two keys for launch can also be simulated by Key Holders, depending on their menu access.

Improvements to the Incident Control Centre

On the Control Centre for Incidents, the Message Delivery Report can be viewed on each message and data can be refreshed using the Reload button.

View the comment thread on Task Checklist

Users completing Tasks can now write multiple comments on Task Checklist items creating a comment thread on the Activity Log.

More options available in Setup Menu Access for Administrators, Key Holders and Staff

More options have been added to Setup Menu Access to allow more flexibility and customisation; new menu items for the Ping and Incident modules for Basic Users, and in Global Configuration for Key Holders and Administrators. Access can also be given or removed to allow Track Me During Travel.

Acknowledgement data can be filtered by Group, Location or Department

Users’ acknowledgements and responses can be filtered by Group, Location or Department to make it easier to view the responses when there are a large number of recipients.

Track Me During Travel can be disabled

Track Me During Travel can be disabled by Administrators in Settings > Global Configuration > System, so that Users will not be able to turn it on in the app.

Every module has been assigned an ID for more information on audit trails

To provide more detailed audit trails, every module has been assigned an ID, including Incidents, Tasks, Media Assets, Triggers and scheduled alerts.

More options available in Reports

Users can now view Departments, as well as Groups and Locations, on Ping and Performance Reports.

System information can be seen on My Account

Users can view an overview of the system data on My Account.