Release date 3 December 2021

User information enhancement

Users can select their time zone on My Account. This ensures that the time that alerts are sent and received will display in the user’s preferred time zone.

Additional information on My Account

On My Account, users are able to view the Department, Location(s) and Group(s) they are associated with.

Data Segregation enhancements

When Data Segregation is enabled, the incidents available for launch can be linked to either Department(s) or Group(s) for the incident to be visible and available to initiate. The available incidents page will show an aggregated list of incidents from both Department and Groups. This allows for more flexibility in the configuration of the system.

Delivery Report countdown timer

The Delivery Report data is refreshed frequently until the completion of the job. Fresh data will be fetched every 30 seconds following a countdown timer. This provides a more accurate delivery status at any time.

Select user type to receive low balance notifications

The system can be configured in Global Configuration > SMS/Telephone Credit, so that either Administrators, Key Holders or Staff are notified when their credit balance is low.

Task Checklist description length increased

The description length in Task Checklist has been increased from 150 characters to 3,000 characters, allowing more information to be provided in the description.