Beale & Co Case Study – Law Firm

Beale & Co employs the Crises Control platform not only for sending physical incident notifications to its staff but also utilizes the platform for communication in various other scenarios, including addressing IT issues.
Beale & Co


Beale & Co is a specialist law firm celebrating its 185th anniversary this year with extensive experience providing legal advice to clients in the construction, engineering, infrastructure, and insurance sectors. The firm has a first-class reputation for advising on complex and technical matters in these fields. Beale & Co was originally founded in 1838 and has since grown to become a leading law firm in its areas of expertise. The firm has offices in London, Bristol, Dublin and the Middle East, and its team of lawyers provides specialist legal advice to clients around the world. Beale & Co is committed to delivering high-quality legal services to its clients and has a reputation for providing practical and commercial advice that is tailored to the needs of each individual client.


Beale & Co Solicitors had previously utilised an incident notification company; however, it became crucial for us to have the ability to communicate with our staff using a mobile app, rather than solely relying on desktop notifications. We were in search of a solution that offered simplicity and ease of use, along with an acknowledgment function that would provide reassurance regarding the safety of our staff.


Beale & Co not only utilises the Crises Control platform to send physical incident notifications to its staff but also leverages the platform for communication during various other situations such as IT issues. The timing of implementing the Crises Control platform proved fortuitous, we encountered an incident soon after the implementation was completed. Despite the challenge, we successfully communicated with our staff using the platform and were able to request acknowledgments, ensuring effective information dissemination and response during the incident.

Customer Q&A

How happy were you with the onboarding and training experience?

The onboarding and training process for the Crises Control platform has been remarkably straightforward and effortless. The training sessions provided were clear, concise, and equipped us with the necessary knowledge to effectively utilise the system. In addition, there Academy’s Quick Start Guide has proven to be a valuable resource, serving as a helpful reference in case any details were inadvertently overlooked or forgotten. Overall, the onboarding and training experience have been smooth, ensuring that we are well-equipped to use the Crises Control platform confidently.

What is the relationship like with the Crises Control account team?

As a relatively new customer of Crises Control, Beale & Co has had a highly positive experience dealing with the company thus far. The Crises Control team has been extremely helpful and responsive in addressing any queries or concerns raised. Moreover, regular follow-up meetings have been scheduled, ensuring ongoing support and communication. The availability of a round-the-clock helpdesk has been an invaluable asset, allowing for prompt resolution of any issues that may arise. Overall, the experience of working with Crises Control has been commendable, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient problem-solving.

How have you used the Crises Control platform?

The integration of the Crises Control platform into our Business Continuity Plan has been seamless and highly beneficial. In the event of a significant incident, where immediate communication with our staff is crucial, the platform allows us to swiftly make contact. This capability is particularly valuable since we have adopted a hybrid working model, with employees located in various locations. We successfully utilised the platform to notify our staff when we encountered an incident, reaching individuals on their personal mobile devices. Whilst we have not encountered a more serious situation, I have full confidence that the Crises Control platform would enable us to successfully reach and communicate with all staff members if the need arises.

“Crises Control provided the precise solution we were seeking, enabling us to swiftly communicate with our staff in the UK, Ireland, and UAE during critical situations.”

Victoria Hinds
Head of Facilities