Readypower Group Case Study – Rail and Infrastructure Services Provider

Readypower Group is a Specialist Rail and Infrastructure Services Provider with a market leading asset hire business complemented by a Specialist Civil Engineering division.


We are a Specialist Rail and Infrastructure Services Provider with a market leading asset hire business complemented by a Specialist Civil Engineering division. With extensive knowledge and understanding of the UK’s regulated infrastructure and operated asset hire, we provide dynamic solutions underpinned by a renowned tradition of customer service with outstanding reliability.

We operate from six major hubs (Reading, Nottingham, Caldicot, Warrington and Scotland) supported by a number of satellite facilities throughout England, Scotland and Wales. This gives us the flexibility to fully support our clients’ projects in all parts of the UK.


When an incident occurs, the challenge we faced was to ensure that all relevant parties had received incident updates in a timely manner; from field employees to other relevant stakeholders. We had no way of communicating previously.

At times we used WhatsApp, but occasionally WhatsApp was unavailable because some users had connectivity issues on their mobile devices, or multiple groups needed to be set up in order to send the right information to the right group of people. The ability to easily view who has read messages is also of huge importance.


In the railway industry, there are numerous requirements to demonstrate safety for passengers and the provision of a safe environment for workers. Using Crises Control has been a game-changer! Crises Control is always available and is used to notify our user base easily. Identifying who has and has not acknowledged messages allows us to renotify people where necessary and plan accordingly. We can ensure that no users are missed from notifications.

When incidents do occur, the ability to rapidly and reliably inform relevant stakeholders has significantly improved the safety of our staff and passengers. Crises Control provides us with four communication channels to send notifications in real-time to multiple users and groups.

Customer Q&A with the Head of Group IT

What value does Crises Control provide to you?

Fast communication is sent to the relevant teams, it works really quickly and effectively. We have the ability to view the users who did not acknowledge the message and chase them if we are waiting for a response. We can send any necessary updates and follow up messages to the users.

How happy were you with the onboarding and training experience?

CWe were very happy with onboarding. Crises Control provided us with all the necessary training that we needed to really understand the system and utilize it effectively within our organization.

What is the relationship like with the Crises Control account team?

Excellent, the support has always been good whenever we need assistance. When there are upgrades to the system, our account manager demonstrates the changes and how we can configure them. Upon requesting information regarding the SOS module, we received a response very quickly and were given a demo.

What does Crises Control help you to do better or quicker?

It is a safe and secure way of relaying important documents and information. We can notify our users immediately when there is an incident and keep them updated as events unfold.

How have you used the Crises Control platform?

We use Crises Control to alert our Senior and Operational teams of on-site based issues such as injuries. Going forward, we are planning to expand our usage to other parts of the business such as our Disaster Recovery team and to send out daily communications.

“Crises Control has allowed us to communicate reliably and effectively with different parts of our organisation when an incident occurs.”

Head of Group IT
Readypower Group